Detail Leader , WPS


Position Description Summary: The Protective Security Detail Leader (PRS Detail Leader) executes protective services with a contractor work force in support to the designated Director of Security Agent in Charge (DS AIC). This includes, but is not limited to planning and mission preparation, mission coordination with AIC and clients, execution movements and protection at venues and contingency operations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
· Manage the readiness of assigned PRS detail to include – manning of the detail, training and physical readiness of Protective Security Specialists (PSS) assigned to the detail, individual equipment, PPE’sweapons and communication equipment, and vehicle maintenance
· Support the AIC in planning, executing and evaluating security movement and protection at venues. This includes –
o Obtaining relevant threat information to support risk analysis
o Execution of risk assessment and application of mitigation to reduce risks
o Coordination of movements and activities with the RSO tactical operations center, the Embassy clients and supporting USG, coalition and host nation security forces
o Planning and executing reconnaissance to support security to include route surveys, site surveys, and safe havens.
o Developing and implementing plans for advance operations, selection of primary and alternate routes, tracking via in-transient visibility, incident avoidance incident response and contingency operations as well as evacuation
· Plan and execute sustainment training to maintain performance and to modify capability to meet AIC designated changes
· Manage the detail schedule to ensure continuous support to the AIC as well as supporting sustainment and physical training, maintenance, leave and administrative absence, life support demands and off time

· Expertise in the planning, execution and evaluation of mobile security and security at venues in service of the Department of State, Federal Law Enforcement or Department of Defense.
· Strong leadership, project management and personnel management skills.
· Capable of mission analysis, route planning, threat and risk assessment, identification of safe havens, site and route surveys, immediate action planning and evacuation.
· Ability to work in an operating environment typified by uncertain threats conditions, high pace operational tempo and response to incidents, attacks and other contingencies .
· Ability to support not only the AIC, but also the diplomatic personnel associated with the Embassy in a manner complimentary to the DOS mission and American core values.
· Ability to establish and enforce high standards of performance and conduct.

Minimum Qualifications
· Ten (10) years of experience in protective security with three of these years as a supervisor. This experience can be from a combination of service in the Department of State, Department of Defense, Federal law Enforcement and State/local law enforcement. Military experience includes service in special operations, military police, Marine Security Details and infantry as a platoon/squad leader. Military experience reflecting a discharge on a valid DD214 as Honorable
· Combat experience is a plus.
· Six (6) months of protective security experience working under WPS, WPS II contract or similar program; remaining three (3) years of experience can be gained in the employ of any national
· Obtain and maintain weapons qualifications for the Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249, M203 and familiarization for the AK 47
· Combat Life Saver or Combat Medic Qualified preferred but not required
· English language proficiency (minimum Level III)
· Foreign language proficiency desirable
· Security Clearance Required. US citizen with Secret Clearance

Upon hiring the DL will be required to:
· Attend the PSS Training Course
· Obtain and maintain qualification with Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249, M203 and familiarization for the AK 47

Benefits: Aegis Defense Services, LLC currently offers: a 401(k) plan, health & dental insurance, and paid time off.
Salary Range: Commensurate with experience
Aegis Defense Services LLC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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