PSD / Personal Security Advisor - Conakry, Guinea

Employer: XL Associates
Location: Conakry, Guinea

Position Description:
The AF/RSA PSD Advisor shall serve as an advisor to the Guinea PSD and as a liaison
between AF/RSA and the US Embassy Conakry Guinea, but will not be directly involved with any inherently governmental functions, military or police activities. 
Essentially, the PSDAdvisor shall observe and advise on best practices,processes, and procedures of a
professional PSD.

Duties and Responsibilites
Contractor shall mentor the leadership of the Guinea
PSD on best practice,processes,and procedures of a professional PSD.

Contractor shall advise as to the vetting and selection of potential PSD personnel.
Contractor shall have prior military and/or high level security detail experience.
Contractor shall have PSD training experience.
Contractor shall assist in establishing a professional PSD.
Contractor shall advise as to the preparation of the Guinea Government PSD; Standard Operating Procedures manual.
Contractor shall advise The President as to the professionalism of the Guinea PSD.
Contractor shall advise the Government of Guinea PSD personnel as to proper defensivedriving,lead vehic
le,principal’s vehicle, or follow vehicle Tactics,Techniques and Procedures,(TTPs) whenever required in motorcade or similar operations.
Contractor shall advise PSD personnel as to the TTPs of maintaining protective formation
position during the Presidents walking movements.
Contractor shall advise PSD personnel as to advance security preparations.
Contractor shall advise as to the manning of the security post at the President’s residence or
manning the Command Post,as required.
Contractor shall advise PSD personnel as to the proper way to conduct a Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA).
Contractor shall report via weekly situational report (SITREP) to the COR.


Contractor shall have civilian and/or former U.S. Military
experience with training personal
security details for high
level government officials.

Contractor shall have experience training and developing foreign militaries/police/ or

personal security details.

Contractor shall have prior experience advising

level government officials.

French language abilities required.


Majority of the work shall be performed in Conakry Guinea with travel throughout other
locations around Conakry Guinea as deemed critical to program oversight.

The ability to interact with coworkers and clients face to face and in meeting settings is

Education Requirements:
B.S. Degree preferred but no required
ClearanceRequirements:Candidates must pass a pre-employment background check
.No specific clearance required.

How to Apply