Security Advisor (CPO) , South Africa

The Security Advisor conducts physical security evaluations of the offices, official residences and private residences of all identified very important persons (VIP’s) in South Africa. The Security Advisor renders security advice to all Government VIP’s and security managers in National and Provincial departments in terms of security technology, implementation and compliance with the minimum security standards document. Other functions include prior assessments and advice on securing temporary venues for major events where VIP’s are involved and execution of inspections on armoured vehicles used by identified VIP’s.

What are the minimum requirements to become a Security Advisor?

You must have completed basic police training, have one year experience as a Close Protector and one year experience as a Static Protector.

In-service training includes Basic VIP-Protection course, Advanced VIP-Protection course and Security Advisory course. Further training includes Basic Security Management training, Fire Protection course and Basic Photography course.

Where can you be stationed?
Physical Security Services, Protection and Security Services in the South African Police Service.