Female Protective Security Specialist (Close Protection)

Employer:Centurions Defense
Location: Europe / Worldwide
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Job Description
Resume Submissions Please submit resume and CV and all other documents along with current photo (Head and body shot required. Due to the unique nature if the assignment, resume’s submitted without photo will not be accepted.) Forward all including cover letter and photo’s to Ms. Talia Coe, Assistant Operations Director: tcoe@centurionsdefense.com.
Position Summary Female protective operator/security support to principal and security detail members in both affluent and austere environments for a period of 2+ weeks. The female operator will chiefly provide security support but will do it in both an overt and covert fashion dependent on environment.

Work Environment and Physical Demands Must be prepared to live and work in a wealthy upscale and austere environment. Must be willing to work seven days a week, 12 hours a day for two weeks, possibly longer, at Principle’s location. The female operator must be able to assume many different roles/appearances other than security detail in public. While the female operator will be primarily security support, she must also be able to effectively blend into crowds and social gatherings/parties/functions without looking the part of a security officer. Must have the ability to carry up to 75 pounds or 45 lbs to include body armor and all required gear.

Position Responsibilities
Conduct protective security/intelligence operations and provide medic support if
Driving the lead vehicle, principal’s vehicle, or follow-vehicle, whenever required
Driving follow-vehicle and/or acting as crisis response agent. Carries and operates weapons as specified in daily post and detail orders, or upon orders from the detail leader or shift leader
Maintaining protective formation position during principal’s walking movements both overt and covert
Participating in advance security preparations
Participate in active intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance collection
Manning the security post or manning the Command Post, as required

Desired Skills & Experience
Essential Skills and Experience (Must provide current photo)
US or EU Citizen Female Operator
Must have a valid US Driver’s License and US Tourist Passport or EU equivalent
Minimum 3 years of security experience, prior military preferred.
Heavy combatives-hand to hand combat training and weapons experience required
Background and understanding in Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance
One year of the three shall include experience in protective security assignments.
Experience can be gained in the employment of any national, State/Provincial, Local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services.
Must be able to meet Federal Law Enforcement Physical Efficiency Battery standards
Must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience as a medic (Federal Government, military, law enforcement, federal agencies, or commercial executive protection services with military or police background)
Registrations, certifications, and any and licenses must be valid for the period of deployment
Must have no felony or domestic violence conviction. Record of recent recurring misdemeanors may adversely impact candidates’ suitability rating
Employment with Centurions Defense is contingent upon a favorable background check

Company Description
Tactical Solutions to Meet the Unique Needs of Our Customers Around the World
Military Special Operations Units, Federal Law Enforcement, Corporations and Non-Governmental organizations alike rely on Centurions Defense to provide tactical solutions for their tactical training and security needs. We understand your objectives, constraints, and conditions relevant to today’s security procedures both at home and abroad. Because of our vast operational proficiency and combat training experience Centurions Defense created our Discretionary Tactics programs giving the operator options – to subdue, incapacitate or eliminate hostile threats. We provide options and techniques for use with all weapon systems right down to open hand. Focusing our training on real world scenarios improves retention and practical application on the battlefield insuring operator safety and mission success.

Our team members are committed to serving you, our clients. You can be assured that you will receive prompt, timely and professional services from a company that has the specific relevant experience and skills requisite to thoroughly fulfill local and international security needs. Our cost-effective, converged security solutions focus on mitigating risk and meeting your unique requirements.

At Centurions Defense, we promise to serve you with the most advanced tactical programs and tier one security solutions ever developed; designed around the real time direct action experiences of Special Operations Forces returning from hostile environments. Our Mission, is to provide the very best services that shield you from real world threats; “So You Come Home.”

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