Protection Services Director

Employer: Smithsonian Institution
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Job Description
Job Announcement Number:EX-13-24
SALARY RANGE: $119,554.00 to $165,300.00 / Per Year
OPEN PERIOD: Friday, May 31, 2013
SERIES & GRADE: SZ-0080-00
WHO MAY APPLY: This position is open to all applicants with the right to work in the United States.

This position is listed as both a Federal and Trust position. This is the Smithsonian TRUST announcement. The Smithsonian has two types of employees; Federal–paid through Congressional appropriations and Trust–paid through revenues generated by our business enterprises and other non- government funding sources. Trust employees are “private sector” employees and have their own comprehensive benefit program ( A Federal employee who accepts a Trust position must resign from Federal service. Federal retirement payments are not affected by Trust employment

The Director, Office of Protection Services, is the principal advisor to the Smithsonian Secretary, Under Secretaries, Director of Facilities Engineering and Operations, and to the directors of museum and research entities, for security, protection and law enforcement matters affecting the Smithsonian Institution. The Director, Office of Protection Services (OPS), is responsible for leading a 24-hour-a-day security organization for SI facilities housing over 6,000 employees and attracting approximately 30 million visitors annually. Smithsonian facilities are comprised of over 120 million square feet of owned and leased building space worldwide. These include museums and galleries. storage and research buildings in Washington, D.C., New York City, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, Arizona, Hawaii, and Panama. The Director manages an office with an annual budget of approximately $63 million and oversees a staff of 850 professional, technical, administrative and protection employees. Included within OPS are offices for physical and technical security, risk management, personnel security, training, emergency management and administration. The Director is the principal Smithsonian representative on all SI security-related matters involving the White House, State Department, Secret Service, National Park Service, Department of Justice (FBI), D.C. Police and Fire Departments, and the Department of Transportation.

1. Ensures that the Institution has a comprehensive security program to effectively cope with security issues covering the full gamut of emergencies (e.g., evacuations, thefts, storms, lightning damages, sabotage, poaching, assaults,etc.) Ensures that supporting programs such as prevention, coordination and communications within OPSand among other SI organizations in response to emergencies, civil disturbance, terrorist activity, natural disasters, violence in the workplace, investigations of reported orapparent violations of criminal statutes are carried out , and emergency preparedness planning and responses are in place and effective.
2. Sets the leadership standard within OPS for organization and human resources development, and provides leadership for developing and administering policies to achieve related organizational objectives in personnel and performance management, equal opportunity and cultural/gender diversity. Encourages and cultivates a workplace culture within OPS that models progressive leadership practices (e.g., fostering a collaborative work environment, celebrating cultural/gender diversity and differences, supporting empowerment and teamwork, valuing risk-taking and learning, striving for professional and technical excellence, and recognizing accomplishments).
3. Oversees strategic and business planning, goal-setting, quality implementation, organizational performance measurement, and re-invention efforts, to ensure alignment with SI vision, values and goals.
4. Oversees and administers Federal appropriations and trust funds for the Office of Protection Services. Ensures adequate control systems to monitor expenses and remain within budgeted amounts; and that financial management and related reporting systems are responsive, accurate and efficient.
5. Performs a variety of representational and liaison duties that include presentations to SI senior management, Smithsonian Board of Regents and various Congressional and government Agencies. Works closely with the White House, State Department, Secret Service, National Park Service, Department of Justice (FBI), D.C. Police and Fire Departments, Department of Transportation, and other public sector and law enforcement organizations. Insures close contact and communication on a frequent periodic basis with senior SI staff, museum and research unit directors, OPS areas and substations.
6. Keeps abreast of latest private and public sector developments in the protection services field in order to evaluate applicability of those developments to the Smithsonian and incorporate best practices into SI programs.
7. Serves as host and Chairman for the Smithsonian National Conference on Cultural Property Protection. This three-day conference draws approximately 150 security professionals from the United States, Canada and Europe. Responsible for site selection of conference, approves all sessions and speakers, makes all final decisions, including budgetary issues, pertaining to the conference. In addition to being the host for the daily conference, also required to host an evening event and a luncheon awards ceremony.

To be considered you must have experience that would provide the knowledge of law enforcement and physical and technical security policies, procedures and operations. Applicants must have one year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the Federal GS-15 level. Specialized experience is defined as the skills and abilities related to the management of a comprehensive security program for a multi-facility organization.