Various Security Positions , Erbil/Kurdistan

Employer: Zagros Group
Location: Erbil, Kurdistan....Pending award!
Zone Security Systems - Zagros Group, a large and well respected Kurdish owned corporation, has bid on several projects that are looking exceptional! THIS IS A PRE-AWARD SEARCH. We are located in Erbil, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) and all of our operations will be in Kurdistan.
All teams will be combined Ex-Pat and Kurdish members. Teams will be working hand in hand with Kurdish Security Operators. You will be training and mentoring extensively. Candidates must be able to relate principles and pass on TTP's in a professional manner. Some of the job sites are remote, but living arrangements will be comfortable.

Positions Available:
• Static Security Supervisors
• PSD / Convoy Security
• QRF Team members
• Medics (need both fixed site and road team experience)
• K9 Handlers

Duty Location: Kurdistan

Candidate Requirements:
• 4 Years of Active Duty Military Experience in a Combat Arms MOS

• Weapons experience: AK / PKM / RPD, Glock 9mm, (Dragunov experience is a strong plus)

• Must have verifiable hostile environment/combat theatre experience, extensive tactical backgrounds or extensive high threat environment security experience

• Valid Passport

• Valid Driver’s License

• High school Diploma or GED

• Honorable Discharge from the Military

• DD-214 or International Equivalent

• Resume

• No Felony or Domestic Violence convictions

• Candidates must be in good physical shape, with the ability to pass a physical fitness test.

• Additional Qualifications for specialized positions, i.e. Medic, K-9, will be provided upon interest

Candidate Responsibilities:

• Maintain proficiency with all Tactics, Techniques and Procedures associated with the Position

• Maintain professional demeanor, appearance and attitude

• Assist in the planning and execution of position responsibilities

Physical Demands:
• Work in Remote Locations

• Willing to Work Seven Days a Week

• Possible Twelve Hour Days

• Pass Physical Readiness Test

Pay, Vetting, and Leave:

The pay for this position is competitive. Incentives are also available for voluntary extensions and supervisory positions. Health / Life Insurance and daily per diem is provided. Deployment rotations are flexible and are typically 60 days in length. Vacation is 30 days and its not paid. All flights are provided

If you have a background that you know will fit our above needs please send your CV with a recent picture to:

Note - apologies for the generic gmail account. We are having problems with the Zagros email system.

For more info, check us out @: