Close Protection / PSD Project Manager

Employer: Crucible
Location: PSD
Job Code: 92
# of Openings: 2
Project Manager & Deputy Project Manager G-PSD
The Project Manager (PM) and Deputy Project Manager (DPM) shall act as the focal point for all contractor provided protective security details (PSD’s), including all support personnel (guard force, analysts, medical personnel, technicians, mechanics, etc.), with the general advice and guidance of the RSO, DS Agent in Charge (AIC), and other designated government personnel.
The PM and DPM shall be responsible for planning, scheduling, organizing, managing, and assessing performance of assigned PSD’s under the task order.
The PM and DPM shall be designated as Key Personnel and as Personal Security Specialists (PSS).
The PM and DPM shall be required to attend protective services training as outlined in the contract.
The PM and DPM shall ensure that the contractor provided personnel selected for protective security leadership positions are executing their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Items of primary concern include assessing performance of the protective security details and ensuring proper behavior of all contractor-provided personnel, whether on or off duty.
U.S. Citizen as specified in the Task Order.
Ten (10) years of experience working in protective security assignments (experience can be gained in the employ of any national, state/provincial, local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services).
At least three (3) of these years must have been in a management or in-charge capacity.
Generalized experience in planning, evaluating, analyzing, and implementing government security type programs.
Demonstrated experience in the interpretation of government regulations and the development of plans, policies, and procedures.
Written and verbal communications skills, including the ability to communicate solutions effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences.
Ability to function effectively in adverse situations.
No impediments to traveling overseas to and within countries that are considered dangerous or unhealthy.
Knowledge of foreign languages is desirable, but not essential.
This position shall be vetted.
To be determined by task order requirements.
To be determined by task order requirements.
Salary and Benefits
To be determined by task order requirements.