Corporate Security Manager

Position: Corporate Security Manager
Company: Global Sourcing/McKesson’s
Location: Ireland
Works as a member of the Global Sourcing, Ireland team, with responsibilities to lead, supervise and manage security operations, which will provide a safe and secure work environment for employees, tenants, and guests of Global Sourcing. In addition, responsible for the security posture of all Global Sourcing offices including, but not limited to Bermuda, Shanghai and Singapore.

Leads day-to-day security activities, specific mission duty areas include, but are not limited to: building access control, access badge program operations, employee security awareness training, emergency incident response, investigations, liaison with law enforcement, crisis management team support, security assessments/audits and other areas as assigned.

Position is responsible for the security of Global Sourcing international supply chain, which imports pharmaceutical products and medical supplies to the U.S.A. from global areas, including but not limited to India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Slovenia. Key components of the program include: risk/threat analysis, security audits, report writing and working with 3rd party vendors to implement protective security measures. This position will also, through Global Sourcing provide supervision of the Cypress and NorthStar international supply chains. In this capacity, all mission type work will be coordinated with McKesson’s Chief Security Officer or his representative.

• B.A. or equivalent preferred.
• Minimum ten (10) years experience in law enforcement, military or corporate security environment in a managerial role.
• Basic computer skills, including familiarity with Internet, email, word processing and database programs. Be able to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.
• Must have a valid driver’s license and pass appropriate employment, civil, DMV, Drug, and Criminal Background screen.
• Be able complete certification in First Aid and CPR within 90 days of employment, and able to administer once trained, as required.
• Ability to drive a multi-passenger vehicle safely and appropriately, including ability to read and interpret road signs in English; ability to read, understand, and adhere to the rules and regulations of the United States Department of Transportation and applicable state laws.
• Working Conditions: An office environment, selected visits to warehouses, and vehicle operation required. > 50% travel required.
• Physical Requirements: Ability to use a desk computer 7 hours/day, stand or sit for extended periods of time, and lift approximately 75 lbs., luggage or job associated equipment.

Expected Competencies
• Leadership skills necessary to command the action and confidence of employees or event attendees during fast breaking crisis situations; must be able to work well under pressure, both internal and external and exercise sound judgment; must be a self-starter, capable of working either independently or as part of a team.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to communicate clearly and concisely; must be able to work on and prioritize multiple tasks; ability to establish effective professional relationships with customers, co-workers, and upper level staff and employees.
• Must be able to develop, organize and prepare concise and accurate records and reports.

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