Executive Protection Team Member

TITLE: Executive Protection Team Member
LOCATION: Northeast United States

Position assesses on an ongoing basis the security
risk and exposure of employees and formulates
appropriate mitigation measures for all identified
risks. The team provides executive protection and
security services to employees within the office
environment and when traveling.

• These duties include but are not limited to
threat assessments, monitoring security systems,
preplanning activities for regular and special
events, coordination with various service
providers and providing past security services
and global menus. These services will require long
hours including nights, weekends and holidays.
• Implements the policies, procedures and
systems required for maintaining and enhancing
the overall organizations security objectives, plans
and procedures.
• Develop, manage and execute security
programs both domestic and internationally.
• Builds and maintains relationships with
government agencies, law enforcement and
industrial counterparts.
• Conducts periodic and regular reviews of
contractors and providers who supply services
such as ground transportation building
maintenance etc.
• Conducts advanced reviews/assessments of
hotels, venues, meeting locations, etc. both
domestic and internationally.
• Utilizes security advisory intelligence information
to assess the risk and exposure.
• Maintain knowledge and understanding
technology and state-of-the-art equipment related
to providing world-class service.

Must have ten (10) years' experience in corporate
executive protection security details with a
minimum of seven (7) years supervisory
experience to include international travel.
Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills
was superb writing and verbal communication
skills with ability to interact and communicate
efficiently and seamlessly with employees at work
and social environments.
Bachelor of Science/Art degree in Criminal Justice
or related discipline is preferred or a combination
of education and work/supervisory related
Must have a valid driver's license held for two
years prior to date of application and the ability to
obtain an international driving permit
Must have a United States passport and
applicable international visas.
Must have and maintain proficiency in first aid,
CPR, AED and self-defense training.
Must possess the ability to define problems,
collect data, establish facts, determine valid
conclusions and provide documentation of such
procedural processes.
Must have a clear understanding and
appreciation of handling sensitive and confidential
data and situations.

Candidate must be able to travel worldwide on
short notice.

Applicants must be and maintain themselves in
excellent physical condition with height and
weight proportionate.

Interested candidates should submit their
resumes via the position posting on the SMR
website at: http://www.smrgroup.com/SMR-