PPO - Bodyguard

Location: Houston, TX
Salary Range: $20-$35/hr
Type: On Call
Branch: Houston Branch

Description: PPO-Bodyguard
Seeking state licensed PPO's for Executive
Protection / Bodyguard details throughout the
state of Texas, as well as U.S.
UPI-PPO arrangements are on an "on-call / as
needed" basis

1. 21+ years of age
2. Zero disqualifying criminal history (per PSB
3. Must have high-school diploma or GED
4. Must be fluent in English (reading and writing)
5. For a UPI-"certified" PPO position, must have a
Minimum of 4 yrs experience in Security, Military,
Corrections, LE, or combination of. For a "basic"
level PPO position, no prior experience is required.
6. Must have dependable personal vehicle
7. Must be level 2-4 certified through DPS-PSB
registered academy or school, prior to interview
8. Must be "commissioned" with "PPO"
endorsement, or able to obtain such
9. For "UPI-certified" positions, applicant must be
able to pass a LE-style phyiscal agility testing,
including 1/2-mile timed run, push up, sit-ups,
and flex test (age categorized)
10. Must be able / willing to attend and pass an oral
review board
11. Other conditions may apply

APPLY ONLINE: http://goo.gl/6ZMdFM