Executive Protection Specialist

Employer: Western Union
Location: USA

3-5 year experience in security management with
a military, law enforcement, public or private
sector security organization
Must pass driver physical examination and be
able to provide executive protection services as
needed and security related driving techniques
Must have a valid driver's license and satisfactory
driving record as determined by company/client
Defensive and evasive driving skills a plus,
including surveillance detection, pre-attack
recognition and avoidance; carjacking avoidance
and response
Must have at least three a (3) years of law
enforcement, military and/or security experience
Must have good written English skills, including
ability to prepare detailed written reports and fill
out forms
Executive driving experience with intimate
knowledge of greater Denver Area and
surrounding areas
Must have excellent communication skills
Certified in First-Aid, AED and CPR training
Minimum High school diploma or GED equivalent
Must maintain strict client confidentiality
Ability to work varying hours, occasional late
evenings and weekends

Apply Online : https://westernunion.taleo.net/careersection/10045/jobdetail.ftl?job=149229&src=JB-10700