Operation Manager (Close Protection) - South Africa

Employer: SARs (South Africa Revenue Authority)
Location: South Africa

Division: ACAS

Job Purpose:
To independently provide a professional
and effective security function to the
mobile tax unit within the region of
operation. This function includes the
driving, secure positioning and security of
the SARS employees, equipment and
information during deployment of the
mobile tax unit team.

Ensure the security of the MTU vehicle
and its equipment while in transit and
when deployed.
Provide protection of fellow SARS
employees attached to the MTU when
Conduct security risk and threat
assessments on proposed venues and
routes to ensure the safety of the MTU
vehicle and personnel attached to it.
To carry out advance reconnaissance to
identify safe routes to be used when in
Coordinate with local law enforcement
(SAPS) regarding crime threats and
response assistance when deployed.
Brief team leader and staff manning the
MTU on the security arrangements and
risks related to each deployment and keep
them informed of any changes.
Compile risk reports detailing activities his/
her activities during deployment as well as
incident reports whenever breaches have
Ensure that the MTU vehicle is maintained
and serviced as required and the installed
security equipment functions.
Operate and maintian the vehicle and
security systems installed in the MTU.
Administer fist aid and medical support
during and emergency.
Ensure that emergency procedures are at
all times in place to firstly ensure the
safety of SARS employees & secondary the
MTU vehicle and equipment installed in it.
Demonstrate tactical ability to handle and
utilise a firearm without endangering the
lives of persons being protected.

Knowledge and Skills:
Regulatory environment in SA
Physical security environment
Firefighting and prevention
First Aid
Defensive and advance driving
Identification of explosives
Close protection
Threat and risk assessment
Operational knowledge and/ or experience
of the respective area of work and working
in a team

Experience and Education:
•Senior Certificate
•Close Protection Course and or a three
year diploma / degree in Security Risk
•5yrs working experience and 3 years
leadership experience in Close Protection
•Valid code 10 driver's license
•PSIRA membership

The ideal candidate will have the following
•Attention to Detail
•Customer Service
•Working Independently
•Self Confidence
•Information Seeking
•Leadership skills
•Conceptual Thinking

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