Executive Protection Driver

Employer: Cablevision Systems Corp.
Location:Bethpage, New York, United States

Job Description
The Executive Chauffeur/Protection Officer (Protection Officer) is primarily responsible for the safe and secure transportation of the corporation’s executives on a daily basis. The Protection Officer is also responsible for performing security advances of all business and event locations to be visited by the executive to ensure the personal protection and safety of the executive. In addition, the Protection Officer performs document courier services, office administrative functions and assists the principal as directed.

Responsibilities include the transportation the corporation’s executives (Principal) on a daily basis to and from all business engagements. Prepare in advance directions/routes to various events by keeping abreast of all traffic conditions and flight schedules to ensure timely pick-up and arrivals. Conduct security advances of business/event sites prior to the principals visit to ensure that the area is safe and notes the optimal pick up/drop off location, site entrances and exits and any security or media issues.
Coordinate security measures with business and event security staff as needed. Maintain overall situational awareness of pick-up/drop off areas for any potential risks that may affect the executive (i.e. construction equipment, damaged/slippery walkways, media, crowds, law enforcement activity etc.) and takes appropriate action to mitigate the situation.
Maintains working knowledge of the New York City Metropolitan and Long Island areas to use the most efficient routes to the executive’s destination. Maintain working knowledge of frequent locations visited i.e. airports, heliports and points of interest to the corporation. Maintain working knowledge of fire, police station, and hospital emergency room locations. Maintain professional appearance at all time (Jacket, Tie). Coordinate with business/event location security staff to ensure the personal protection and safety of the executive. Ensure the personal protection and safety of the executive during venue arrivals, departures and while in-transit. Multitask, think quickly, and responds to a dynamic, ever-changing environment. Maximize the executive’s time throughout the workday by keeping abreast of area activity and traffic conditions.
Qualifications Minimum 7 years of related experience required with extensive knowledge of the New York City/Tri-state area. Valid New York State driver’s license. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 10 years prior law enforcement and/or corporate security experience. 5 years executive chauffeur experience. Executive Protection experience (preferred). Must be willing to work a flexible schedule and weekends. Highly organized, professional and punctual with the ability to work independently. Ability to work independently and under pressure while providing a high level of customer service. Strict confidentiality and situational sensitivity a must.
Proficient technical skills utilizing MS Office Suite, GPS and Blackberry.

Associates or Bachelor’s degree preferred, minimum of 60 College credits required or military experience or technical/trade school certification. For internal candidates applying for other opportunities within the organization, the minimum educational requirement for college is strongly preferred but not required depending on relevant Cablevision work experience.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and maintain a drug-free and smoke-free workplace.
Area of Interest Security