Close Protection / PSD Mentor

Employer:Triple Canopy
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Protective Security Detail (PSD) Mentor – (339)

Job Description
Triple Canopy is seeking a Protective Security Detail (PSD) Mentor for an immediate opening in Iraq. The role of the PSD Mentor on the Forward Operating Base (FOB) security team is unique, as being a detail member encompasses much more than strictly protective security details. This position requires proficiency in all the duties of a protective security team leader and detail member, as well as requires a strong working knowledge of fixed-site security. Each PSD Mentor is a part of a dynamic team of protective services professionals.

In this role you will:
• Perform the day-to-day protective security functions, as specified in daily briefs and or as directed
by the Country Operations Manager;
• Supervise the local national drivers of the lead, principal, or follow-vehicle, as required in motorcade or similar operations;
• Supervise and maintain protective formation positions during principal’s walking movements;
• Participate in advance security preparations at principal’s requested venue;
• Assist in the preparation of advance site surveys and threat assessments of new sites;
• Operate in high threat environments with a team consisting of local nationals and third country nationals.
• Manage and supervise a guard force consisting of local nationals and/or third country national;
• Prepare, conduct, and supervise training at the individual and team level related to protective security detail operations and fixed-site security operations;
• Perform general administrative and logistical functions, as directed.
 Job Requirements
For consideration, you must:
• US citizen;
• Be able to obtain a Department of State (DOS) secret clearance;
• Possess a valid US driver’s license and US tourist passport;
• Have an honorable discharge from the military, if applicable;
• Two (2) years combined security experience within the past three (3) years in a hostile environment; experience can be gained in the employ of any national, state/provincial, local, or commercial entities providing high threat protective services;
• Ability to work with personnel from diverse cultures and nationalities;
• Must be able and willing to work 15 to 17 hours per day, seven (7) days a week for three (3) to four (4) months at a time without degradation of performance;
• Must be willing to live, work in, and travel through high threat areas as required;
• Must be able to live in confined space – sharing living facilities i.e. bathroom, kitchen etc;
• Employment with Triple Canopy is contingent upon a favorable background check.

Desired Skills:
• Preference given to those who currently possess or previously possessed a DOS secret clearance;
• Must possess very strong interpersonal and communication skills;
• Demonstrate knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word, and Power Point;
• Strong working knowledge of protective security details and fixed-site security operations;
• Strong working knowledge of very high frequency (VHF), ultra high frequency (UHF), and satellite communications;
• Proficient with computer mapping software and global positioning system (GPS) units.