Executive Protection / Security Operations Assistant

Employer: The World Bank Group
Location: Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Closing Date14-May-2014
Background / General description: 
The Security Operations Assistant position is one of two positions located in the General Services Department, Corporate Security Division, and reports to the Security Specialist managing Executive Protection (GSDPS). He/she is responsible for assisting in the planning, developing, and directing of the protective services function under management direction. This includes support in the development, management and execution of protective services programs for the President and for other members of the board, senior managers, and staff as required. The incumbent assists in coordinating fact-finding and investigative inquiries into potential thefts or loss of property, threats, and allegations of extortion or fraud.

Duties and Accountabilities:
This position supports the Security Specialist, Executive Protection who is directly responsible for protective programs to include personal protection, WBG facilities, residences, special event security, ground and air transportation, protocol, personal assistance and special projects. He/she will aid in supervising a team of security professionals responsible for providing physical protection, security, administrative and logistical support to the President and other Bank officials ensuring their personal safety and well-being. To that end, the incumbent will be expected to work closely with national, state and local law enforcement agencies and security and intelligence services, both within the United States and in other countries to ensure the personal protection and safety of Bank dignitaries. In addition, he/she will help in coordinating investigations and other fact-finding requirements when looking into potential thefts or loss of property, threats, and allegations of extortion or fraud. Principle Accountabilities: The incumbent: • Provides protective escort and accompanies the principal on movements and provides body cover to mitigate risk. Participates in providing protective services programs for the World Bank President and, as directed, for Managing Directors, members of the Executive Board and other high risk staff and their families. • Organizes operational plans for all missions outside the Metro Washington, D.C. area. • Ensures continuity of Washington Metro operations through supervision and oversight of the PSU team. • Reviews the daily schedule and projected travel itinerary of the principal to identify potential security and safety-related issues. Contributes to maintaining personal profiles and conducting risk assessments of all personnel covered by protective services. Identifies groups, individuals and emerging technologies that may pose a threat to principals. • Assists in identifying and assessing threats to Bank Officials. In the course of assessing the threats, develops and implements a response to counter them. Assists in the supervision of the activities of armed protection agents responsible for carrying out protective measures. • Supports the development of advance security arrangements and maintains contingency plans for the well being and safety of the President. Through liaison with other bank elements, local and national security and other authorities, assures the planning for adequate communications, medical support, transportation and safe haven for the President. • Assists in the development, cost control oversight and management of the annual protective security budget. • Contributes in the coordination of the logistical arrangements for the safe travel and transportation of the President and other Bank Officials as necessary. • Assists to ensure that assigned staff are performing in accordance with their terms of reference, to include maintaining necessary professional qualifications and are meeting client expectations. Assists in analyzing performance failures and provides staff with appropriate feedback and guidance. • Responds to issues on policy raised by staff and managers at headquarters and in the field, and provides clarifications. • Coordinates with internal and external clients to address issues, develop solutions and implement action or propose recommendations for higher approval. • Position requires frequent travel, both overseas and domestic, as well as after-hours availability to respond to emergencies. Work implies frequent interaction with the following: A. Internal Contacts: • Other GSD staff and managers. • Worldwide Bank clients at all levels. B. External Contacts: • Government law enforcement, security and safety officials. • Network of security professionals. The SA should possess the following skills • Bachelor’s degree with 8 years of relevant experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience. • Knowledge of the law enforcement or security field • Knowledge of protective security procedures and protective intelligence • Qualitative risk management experience • Ability to quickly acquire in-depth knowledge of Bank policies as they relate to security and work in a multi-cultural environment. • Ability to participate in or lead teams in which trust and mutual respect are essential to the success of the program • Must be a United States citizen and capable to meet all the criteria for special deputation as a Special Deputy US Marshal to include successfully completing a basic law enforcement training program and have at least one year of basic law enforcement experience to include general arrest authority. • Must be capable of obtaining and maintaining proficiency with assigned firearms and less-than-lethal weapons. • Ability to communicate regularly and effectively, in writing and orally, with senior management, staff and clients. Competency: Lead and Innovate – Initiates changes to work processes to improve efficiency and performance. Deliver Results for Clients – Takes full ownership to address client needs. Collaborate Within Teams and Across Boundaries – Contributes to wider collaborative efforts. Create, Apply and Share Knowledge – Actively promotes knowledge-sharing. Make Smart Decisions – Analyzes data to support and enable decision-making.