Executive Security Specialist (Call-In)

Company: Sempra Energy
Location: Los Angeles
Requisition Number: 14-1177

Primary Purpose:
Performs executive security protection, safe transportation and other related services for an assigned principal. Completes security assignments for other executives and VIP's as directed by the Supervisor. All duties place a strong emphasis on the safety and security of those individuals in the Security Specialist's care. Devoting full attention to the security mission, is able to assure the
principal a safe environment free from the usual risks associated with traffic and or the potential harm or interference from persons with hostile intentions. Must be constantly aware of unusual conditions or persons either while in route or at the point of departure or arrival in order to detect the possible risk to the principal. Our Security Specialists are responsible for the safety and well being of the principal in his/her care and must take appropriate action in the event that the principal becomes ill or is confronted by hostile persons.

The Executive Security Specialist (Call-In) position works on call or on an as needed basis.

Receives direct supervision from the Supervisor, but will regularly receive work direction or instruction from the assigned principal. Reports to the Supervisor for work direction when released for the day or a portion of the day by the assigned principal. Meets at principal's residence or other designated location at the time required each day.

Responsible for the safety and security of assigned principal. This includes preparing safe transportation routes, evaluating the security of the principal's residence at departure and arrival, completing advances on destination points and maintaining a presence when necessary at special functions or events.
Travel with principal throughout the United States and Mexico, including extended days and weekends. Required to be available to his/her principal until dismissed or as directed by Supervisor.
Attends specialized training in tactical driving, self-defense, certification in First Aid/CPR, defibulator usage and first responder medicine.
Additional assignments include, but are not limited to, assisting department members with other security related duties.
Provides courier services for sensitive and confidential documents or materials for his assigned principal and other executives or departments.
Attends briefings relating to security issues affecting the principal and general crime in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas.

External Qualifications: Requirements:
Requires 5+ years of experience in law enforcement/military experience in dignitary protection or equivalent experience in executive protection in the private sector.
Valid California driver's license, Safe driving record. No chargeable accidents or violations over the last three (3) years.
Possess specialized knowledge in evasive driving techniques and personal defense tactics.
Flexibility to work extended days and weekends, until dismissed.
Flexibility to schedule vacation and other time-off to coincide with the absence of assigned principal.
Physical Requirements: Heavy, frequent lifting and/or carrying objects up to 50 pounds. Must have the physical ability to occasionally lift or drag up to 175 pounds of dead weight a minimum of 15 feet.

Work Location: 555 West 5Th St
City: Los Angeles