Protective Security Specialist (PSS)

Employer: Global Integrated Security  
Location: Basrah, Basrah, Iraq

Department/Program/Project Overview:
Under the Diplomatic and Antiterrorism Act of 1986, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) within the Department of State (DoS) has a broad range of responsibilities that include protection of personnel and facilities both domestic and abroad. The Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) initiative is an effort by the Department of State to pre-plan, organize, establish, deploy and operate security services for the protection of U.S. and/or foreign governments wherever and whenever the
need arises. The Basrah, Iraq task order provides a large number of contract personnel to provide protective services to the Consulate General compound and DoS Foreign Service Officers (FSO) undertaking activities assigned to this mission.

The Protective Security Specialist (PSS) is the Department of State, Diplomatic Security principle position responsible for providing protective services support
under the Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) Program. As members of a diplomatic team, Protective Security Specialists provide the security necessary to
accomplish the mission of the Department of State and represent the United States to the people of other nations. PSS are the frontline defense for the security
and protection of Department of State employees, facilities and assets and are central to delivering the task order mission in a high-threat environment.
Role and Responsibilities:
  • Perform personnel protective service detail assignments
  • Perform the day-to-day protective security functions as specified in daily post and detail orders
  • Operate vehicles when required in motorcade or similar operations
  • Act in an immediate response capacity, if required
  • Operate weapons as specified in daily post and detail orders, or upon orders from the detail leader or
shift leader
  • Maintain protective formations during movement on foot
  • Participate in advance security preparation activities
  • Manning security posts at principal residences or command posts, as required
  • Serve as a member of an Emergency Response Team / Quick Reaction Force (ERT/QRF) when
Reports to:
Shift Leader (SL)
Management Responsibilities:

Qualifications and Requirements:
GLOBAL seeks in all its staff exemplary character and a dedication to the company and our customer’s mission. The chief qualities we value are:
  • The highest professional standards and ethics
  • Utmost respect for colleagues and clients at all times
  • An ability to bring agile and innovative thinking to the most dynamic nationalsecurity challenges
  • Fostering a commitment to quality work conducted in a team setting
  • An ability to understand and effectively deal with high-pace and challenging environments
  • Act as stewards of our core values; agility, commitment, integrity, ingenuity
  • Exceptional tacticalskills
  • Preference given to those who currently possess posses a U.S. Secret security clearance
  • Preference given to those who currently possess valid WPS training certificates
  • Desired Middle East theatre background or experience
  • Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbal and written, is essential
  • Demonstrated professional maturity in an operational context
  • Able to make quick, appropriate decisions under stress
  • An ability to understand their role and contribution in a larger mission construct
  • Self-motivated with the ability to learn quickly
  • Attention to detail, proactive and committed to quality
  • Ability to work consistently in a fluid environment
  • Strong work ethic and mission dedication is paramount
  • Work collaboratively and respectfully in a diverse project team sensitive to cultural differences and with individuals of various backgrounds
  • Successful history of working in challenging overseas environments
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Attend a protective security services training course and obtain weapons qualifications, as required
  • Valid U.S. driver’s license, U.S. passport and U.S. Citizenship
  • An ability to secure and maintain a U.S. Secret security clearance
  • Able to travel overseas to and within countries considered dangerous and/or with below normal health standards
  • Three (3) years experience can be gained in the employ of any national, State/Provincial, local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services
– At least one (1) year of the three (3), shall include experience in high threat overseas protective security assignments