Senior Guard Shift Supervisor – Protective Security Specialist (PSS)

Employer: Quick Services
Location: Baghdad, IQ (OCONUS)

Position Overview:
Protective Security Specialist/Senior Guard Shift Supervisor will be providing tactical services in a Protective Security Specialist or Senior Guard Shift Supervisor role to support principal and security detail members. Each Protective Security Specialist/Senior Guard Shift Supervisor is a part of a dynamic team of security services professionals.

• Perform the day-to-day on-site supervision of large groups of guard or specific sectors or functions of the guard program, as specified in daily post and detail orders;
• Shall obtain weapons qualifications as outlined in the contract, with the Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249, and M203 and familiarization fire for the AK47.

· US Citizenship;
· Must have a valid US driver's license and US tourist passport;
· Must currently possess or able to obtain a DOS Secret Clearance;
· Level 3 English proficiency;
· Honorable discharge from the military, if applicable;
· Must have three (3) years’ experience in protective security assignments; experience can be gained in the employ of any Federal, State, Local, or commercial entities providing high threat protective services that require similar skills;
· Must be able to meet Federal Law Enforcement Physical Efficiency Battery standards while at training course;
· Must have no felony or domestic violence conviction. Record of recent recurring misdemeanors may adversely impact candidate’s suitability rating;
· Must be prepared to live and work in an austere environment. Must be willing to work seven days a week, 12 hours a day.