Executive Director for Protective Services

Employer: Unviversity Of Chicago
Location: Chicago USA
About the Unit
The University of Chicago campus is part of Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, which contains a significant amount of off-campus housing for undergraduate and graduate students. More than a third of the University's staff resides in areas surrounding the campus, and more than 50% of the University's faculty live in the Hyde Park area. The Department of Safety and Security includes the Office of the Associate Vice President & Chief of Police , the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD), Management Operations, Transportation & Parking, Protective Services, Environmental Health & Safety, Professional Accountability and Emergency Management. The Department is a unit of the Office of Finance & Administration and aims to provide stronger safety and transportation services to members of the University community. By long tradition, the University Police assists the Chicago Police Department in policing Hyde Park and surrounding neighborhoods. The University Police patrol an area encompassing 4 square miles and a population of approximately 55,000 people, many of whom may not be affiliated with the University.  
Unit Job Summary
Executive Director for Protective Services: The Executive Director for Security Services, serves as the primary security administrator for the University for the development, implementation, and management of UChicago's security vision, strategy, and programs. In this role the Executive Director partners with security and operations managers across the University to identify, develop, implement and maintain security processes across the University to reduce risks, respond to incidents, and limit exposure to liability. The Executive Director will oversee the design and implementation management of a comprehensive training program for staff. The Executive Director must work collaboratively with the Department of Safety & Security executive staff. The Executive Director will directly supervise the Director of Security, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, the Director of Security, University of Chicago Charter School, and the commander responsible for event planning and executive protection. This position is a direct report to the Associate Vice President for Safety, Security and Civic Affairs & Chief of Police.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for oversight of the security services strategic plan; coaching and mentoring staff; manages performance and delivers continuous feedback to ensure individual and team success.

2. Responsible for the implementation and oversight of safety and security policies and regulations.

3. Prepares and administers the department's annual operating and capital improvements budgets in the areas of safety and security.

4. Maintains a working relationship with police, fire, and other safety and security-related organizations to ensure their assistance when responding to incidents.

5. Continually evaluate school safety and security programs, recommending changes.

6. Recommend school safety and security staffing levels for schools and assist in screening and selecting school-based security staff.

7. Responds to requests from key administrators, including principals, regarding school safety and security matters.

8. Develops and implement safety and security in-service training programs.

9. Reviews all incident reports and take action when appropriate which may include working with the local Police or other law enforcement agencies.

10. Develop standard operating procedures for school and centrally based safety and security staff.

11. Conducts and provides oversight of school security audits and makes recommendations to enhance the physical security environment.

12. Participate in annual revision of school crisis management plans.

13. Works with the appropriate departments to maintain safe and secure buildings for after-hours programs.

14. Recommend placement of security devices such as security cameras, electronic access control, alarms, etc..

15. Serves as the primary administrator regarding executive protection.

16. Assist the Associate Vice President and Chief of Police as needed with global security issues.

17. Perform all other duties as assigned.
Bachelor's degree required; degree in criminal justice or related field from an accredited college or university is preferred.  
1. Three to five years experience in managing organization of comparable size in law enforcement, security, or related field preferred. Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience which provide the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position may be considered.
2. Professional experience in K-12th grade setting, preferred.
3. Must be familiar with current safety and security best practices including; physical security (to include electronic security systems), personnel security, emergency preparedness and response and risk assessment.
4. Must have knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and ordinances related to school safety and security, the ability to plan, organize, monitor, and evaluate a comprehensive safety and security program.

Certificate and License Preferred
ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) or Physical Security Professional (PSP) Certification or the ability to obtain certification within one year.
Incident Command System 200 Level & NIMS 800 Level Certification.
Valid Security Officer Registration Card (where applicable).
Ability to absorb and interpret information given while maintaining perspective on the goals of the department.
Ability to maintain professionalism, credibility and good customer service skills when dealing with all contacts, internal and external.
Ability to lead by example.
Ability to remain calm and objective throughout stressful and unpleasant situations.
Willing and able to make timely, sound decisions and accept concomitant responsibility.
Ability to communicate effectively and consistently with others using tact when necessary.
Ability to develop the skills of staff and prepare personnel for increased responsibilities.
Knowledge of importance/priority in determining what should be communicated to supervisors.
Ability to convey information in a concise fashion without loss of necessary detail.
Ability to maintain effective level of performance beyond normal demands for extended periods of time.
Ability to schedule and manage personal job activities, i.e., to set activity priorities, sequences and maintains perspective.
Ability to evaluate job performance of subordinates through behavioral observation, reviews or work products, informal conversations, etc.
Knowledge of organizational staffing and consequences of promotions and/or transfers.
Knowledge of basic financial management methods, techniques and procedures.
Ability to initiate, implement and follow through on projects, programs or assignments with completed staff work.
Ability to incorporate new information after one has arrived at a conclusion in a problem analysis process.
Ability to interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.
Ability to negotiate compromises between others.
Ability to evaluate job performance of employees through observation and/or review of work product.
Knowledge of EEO/Affirmative Action guidelines for recruitment, selection and promotion.
Knowledge of disciplinary and grievance procedures of the university.

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