Executive Protection Team Member

Employer: Confidential
Location: Ohio USA
This exempt EP Team Member will be responsible for implementation of security policies and procedures to ensure the protection and safety of sport team members.

Must be available for all home games. In advance of team travel; work includes reviewing potential security risks, coordinating with management and appropriate contacts in business offices, arenas, hotels, and other locations as necessary.

Travel with team on all road trips to protect the safety, security and privacy of team’s players and staff on team planes and buses and in hotels and arenas, etc. This also includes players who make All-Star and Olympic Teams.

Act as liaison with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on all relevant matters pertaining to team security.

Manage the bag monitoring process and makes sure team fulfills all Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) requirements and FAA regulations.

Communicate effectively with building and event staff to assure integration of team security into overall building and event security.

Must be in good physical condition, have a valid driver’s license and have executive protection training.

Prefer minimum of an Associate's degree or equivalent combination of education and related EP work experience.

Relevant executive protection experience listed above, preferably with athletes, requiring seasonal travel and working in a team atmosphere.