30 Oct 2014

Safety Team Member- PPO (Portuguese Speaker)

Employer: Aegis

Location: Global

Job Summary
The consultant will be working in cooperation with a local agency which has total
primacy in all security matters. The consultant will be required to perform 2 main functions; that of PPO and that of Portuguese speaking Liaison Officer. The PPO role requires providing 24hr security and safety cover to the clients while at their residence hotels, en-route to and from their place of business, at all places of work and at all social activities. The Portuguese speaking Liaison Officer role primarily involves facilitating accurate communications between project members and the local security team and other local agencies, organisations or individuals in accordance with project requirements. Prospective consultants should understand that the nature of the contract requires that independent freedom of movement within country is considerably constrained.
 Main Functions/Tasks
The consultant will be required to:
Ensure the safety of the client team members when in-country and escort them to various meetings and social events as required. Take control of the clients while the local security team react to any security situation. Accurately translate and transmit information between the project and security team management, the local security team and other local organisations. Act as the interface between the local security team leader and the Patriot team leader for operational purposes. Resolve minor administrative issues at the residential locations in accordance with team management direction. Read and accurately translate basic written requests from local organisations from Portuguese into English and, where appropriate, draft basic replies. Translate at social functions, including verification and payment of all associated bills. Translate between project management and local bank officials during project banking transactions. Accompany sick clients to local clinics. Translate for non-Portuguese speaking clients. Ensure that any pharmacy requirements are purchased. Ensure payment of all associated medical bills. Provide accurate up-dates of situation to Project and Team Management for reporting purposes. Assist, where necessary, in moving clients to and from the airport and their places of work / hotels, resolving minor issues with airport authorities where appropriate. Assist team members with Portuguese language training. Perform any other tasks as directed by the Project or Safety Team Management.

Specific Skills Needed to Fulfil Role
The Team Members will be working in cooperation with a local Portuguese speaking
agency which has primacy in all security matters. Individuals need to:
Be able to speak and read Portuguese and English to a high level.
Be able to write Portuguese and English at an intermediary level.
Be able to perform accurate simultaneous translation between English and
Be mentally and physically fit.
Be trained to SIA level as a PPO.
Have a high level of tact, diplomacy and discretion.
Be mature, flexible, patient and tolerant.
Be able to integrate into a tightly knit team.
Understand and accept the constraints of independent movement mandated by
the project.
Have a strong degree of personal discipline and be able to operate independently
whilst recognising the point at which consultation with the PD, PM or TL is

Specific qualifications/experience required:
o Minimum 5 years of military or police service (those with shorter military /
police service but with specific to role experience in the commercial sector
may also be considered).
o Exemplary discharge.
o Aged 35 – 55.
o Advanced Portuguese speaker.
o Fluent English speaker.
o SIA licence (or national equivalent).
o Clean criminal record.
o Mature and politically aware.

o Experience in working in Africa with LNs advantageous
o Experience in operating as an interpreter highly advantageous
o Demonstrable experience in the commercial sector.