Personnel Security Specialist

Employer: Metis Solutions
Location: Kosovo
Job Code: 2

Duties supporting the Security Manager include developing, evaluating, maintaining, and/or operating systems, policies, devices, procedures and methods used for the process of security clearances.
 Assists in development of and recommends policies and procedures for security access program systems and managing the Personnel Security Program.
Designs and implements Personal Security Program to include maintaining a collateral security roster, performing and ensuring the proper destruction of classified material, managing NATO classified programs, prepare NATO courier orders, producing and issuing Security Badges, and processing initial and periodic security clearance actions through OPM and DSS using EPSQ.

Prepares courier orders, verifies individual security clearance information through CCF, maintains hard copy and automated Security Clearance Access Rosters to ensure rapid location, identification and retrieval of an individual’s security clearance information.
Supports Security Manager with executing security briefings, reports, and other requirements. Researches documents and make recommendations to update and streamline security processes and procedures.
Analyzes, enhances, customizes, maintains and documents applications to manage classified holdings.

Security Clearance: Top Secret with SCI Access.

Qualification Requirements:

Category 2, and Category 3 Minimum Requirements: Four years experience and training in the field. The Personnel Security Specialist must have a working knowledge of Executive Order 12968, and demonstrate a familiarity with National, DIA, and Army security regulatory requirements.

How to Apply