Regional Security Manager , Tanzania

Location: Mwanza ,Tanzania
Leadership Responsibilities:
Managing all site and region related security issues in accordance to Diageo security policies and guidelines
Purpose of Role:
To implement policies in accordance with Global Group security policies and practices. To protect corporate interests in physical and intellectual property and the protection of the employees of Diageo/SBL. .
Works with Line Managers to assist in managing security strategies. Needs to respond immediately if there is a perceived or actual threat affecting the security of the company.

Commit to Occupational Health and Safety standards. Frequently state and articulate that Safety is our No.1 priority. Be visible as an ambassador for safety by behaving in a safe manner at all times and always challenging unsafe practices and behavior of others, reprimanding where appropriate. Adhere strictly to the site safety rules and systems and equipment operational procedures.
Enforce site security policy and procedures.
Maintain perimeter security to control access. Gate control of persons and vehicles and implement existing ID card system.
Ensure locks and alarms are operational. Enforce IT security policy to prevent information theft and intellectual property.
Implement security structures, policies and procedures. Monitor activities at critical areas of business to prevent fraud.
Drive personnel security and ensure that employees at risk are well protected.
Organize protective escorts for valuable items both on site and off-site.
Ensure technical security systems on sites provide the optimum level of cost effective security.
Maintain record of up-to-date knowledge of threat/risk assessment to property, assets and personnel
Ensure all managers are given authoritative security advice appropriate to areas of their work
Conduct and manage investigations into suspected criminal matters where requested, and report to the Head of Security.
Handle sensitive information and advice concerning serious crime affecting the company to the Head of Security.
Design workable security plan to support promotional events to “push and pull” the Share Volume.
Direct responsibility for office cabinets containing reports, investigations and data both general and confidential relevant to security matters.
Co-ordinate, manage and evaluate performance of 3rd party security service providers.
Provide effective, reliable and on time intelligence information to facilitate line management to effectively perform their professional duties to the company.
Provide security against threats and/or actions from terrorist and criminal elements and organizations.
 Qualifications and Experience Required:
Diploma in Crime Prevention, Detection and Investigation from a recognized establishment.
Attendance of Security Supervisors’ training course at a recognized establishment.
Knowledge of security issues almost certainly acquired from several years (minimum 10 years) in the Police Service, Armed Forces or security industry.
Knowledge of interaction between company and law enforcement agencies in kidnap/extortion and crisis management cases. At least 2 in a commercial industry.
Experience of dealing with Line and Senior Managers.

Barriers to Success in Role (Optional):

In ability to use investigation skills
In ability manage third parties and contractors
In ability to work collaboratively across the organization
Unethical practices.