Safety Team Member & Portuguese Linguist

Location: Angola
Salary: USD9800 - USD9800 per month + Business Class Flights, PA Insurance

WL4045: Safety Team Member & Portuguese Linguist
Location: Sub-Saharan Africa
Salary: Daily rate of pay - $350, Unpaid Leave, 8 weeks on/4 weeks off rotation
Business Class leave flights provided, PA Insurance cover

A talented, Safety Team Member and Portuguese Linguist is urgently required on a basis providing 24hr security and safety cover to the clients whilst at their accommodation, en-route to offices in vehicles, on foot to and from their place of business(s), at the primary ‘office’ and during visits to local administrative buildings to conduct meetings. These duties extend to providing the same presence during the clients’ down time, i.e. evenings at local restaurants and weekend day trips.


• Perform the duties of:
• Fully integrated team member and contribute to security and safety of clients throughout the country of operations.
• Liaise extensively with the Local Security Team (LST) as directed by the TL / 2ic to ensure all aspects of the daily tasks are understood.
• Take control of the clients whilst the LST manage any conflict situation.
• Act as ST member for foot and mobile tasks as directed by the TL / 2ic.
• Assist the Airport LO when required and provide reception of passengers arriving / departing at the airport, and the coordination of transport arrangements through the LST to ensure a smooth transfer of personnel.
• Assist the Airport LO for all matters relating to Immigration when required.

• Portuguese linguists may be required to act as a translator at various meetings and interface regularly with the authorities, which may also involve translating of documents into Portuguese.
• Contribute to mission planning and preparation, as well as post-mission reorganisation as directed.
• Support TL in all aspects of daily team administration.
• Maintain all personal Aegis issued equipment to highest standards.
• Maintain high level of Operation Security (OPSEC) standards whilst on duty and on leave.
• Maintain high level of physical fitness.
• Present a professional and presentable appearance at all times when working.
• You are to continuously familiarize yourself with project SOPs, Policies, Procedures, TTPs, PPO/CP trade craft.
• You are to maintain proficiency in PPO/CP drills, navigation, first aid and radio communications.


• A native English and Portuguese speaker with effective communication skills.
• Hold a full UK (or equivalent) driving licence.
• Have attended a recognised CP course.
• Be proficient in foot and mobile CP drills.
• Proven ability to work unsupervised.
• No criminal record.


• Have previous exposure to the commercial security industry and working with expatriate teams.
• Demonstrate sound report writing skills in English and Portuguese.
• Demonstrate sounds computer skills.

Interested applicants will be expected to complete and return by email a simple application form to which CVs must be pasted.

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa
Salary: Daily rate of pay - $350, Unpaid Leave, 8 weeks on/4 weeks off rotation
Business Class leave flights provided, PA Insurance cover

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