Chief Instructor, Afghan National Army Engineer School (ANAES) EOD Branch

Employer: Raytheon Company
Location:  Kabul, Afghanistan
Job Description
Job Id: 66407BR
Clearance Type: Secret
Position Description

The ANAES, EOD Branch Chief Instructor (CI) – Afghanistan will assist the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) CIED Program Manager (PM) in supervising the completion of assigned Task Orders within the time frame specified, within budgeted amount, and
provide scheduling and supervision of assigned personnel, to include sub-contractors to complete tasks as scheduled within assigned areas.  Provides oversight for ANAES EOD/IEDD Branch instructor cadre and FoM/EOD Mobile Training Teams (MTT).  Ensures training objectives are completed on schedule following established procedures.  Conduct and monitor daily training of ANAES EOD Branch students, school staff, and actively assist or provide direction and guidance to the ANAES EOD/IEDD/ROV FSR instructor cadre. Plan, schedule, and arrange course activities in accomplishing objectives in accordance with established training curriculum. The ANAES EOD Branch CI assists in the preparation, and submission of accurate and timely required reports.  The specific area of responsibility (AOR) for the ANAES EOD Branch CI is Afghanistan.

Specific Duties Include:
Assign schedules/tasks and reviews work of ANAES EOD/IEDD/ROV FSR Branch Instructor cadre
Assist in delivery of all ANAES EOD instruction and training of ANAES EOD Branch staff as required.
Responsible for curriculum management and quality control to include:
Course documentation – training learning objectives (TLOs), programs of instruction (POIs), lesson plans and training support packages.
Liaison between the ANDSF CIED PM, subcontractor, and Instructor cadre.
Provide leadership and management of ANAES EOD Branch Instructor cadre to include instructor certification and cross training
Assist the ANDSF CIED PM in the preparation of Statements of Work to meet Warfighter’s CIED/EOD training requirements
Work directly with the supported units and subcontractors to identify, design and manage the ANAES EOD training requirements
Participate in post-course evaluations
Participate in continual process improvement
Assist in the development of ANAES EOD training curriculum as required.
Provide post-training assessments of students and ANAES candidate instructor performance and present feedback during After Action Reviews (AAR) at the conclusion of training.
Supervise administration and support of students and ANAES candidate instructors.
Assist the Materials Project Manager as required with logistical support for assigned region
Assist the Operations Specialist as required with completion of program administration.
Utilize Train the Trainer (T3) techniques.

Other duties as assigned
Required Skills:

Extensive military background is required with at least 6 years of related work experience
Must possess formal instructor qualification and strong supervisory skills
Master EOD technician/EOD officer/Senior Combat Engineer (E8-04)
Qualified EOD Operator/Senior Combat Engineer with experience training and conducting operations in the Middle East and/or host nation
Prior military officer/NCO (E7 or higher), qualified as an EOD Team Leader with at least 10 years leadership experience in C-IED and/or EOD operations
One deployment as Officer in Charge (OIC)/Team Chief of EOD Team or NCOIC/OIC of a Route Clearance Company deployed to Afghanistan
Previous experience working with/using interpreters
Sufficient knowledge of current EOD operations in Afghanistan area of operations to provide relevant and responsive advice and recommendations.
Detailed knowledge of EOD/IEDD training processes to include operational/tactical and staff/leadership programs
Knowledge and experience in Counter Insurgency (COIN)
Knowledge of technical/sensitive site exploitation, graduate of post-blast course of instruction
Proficient with Microsoft Office products such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel
Good interpersonal, networking, and social skills
Must be willing to work and live in Afghanistan with an understanding that there could be further assignments to any location in Afghanistan based upon the needs of the U.S. Government to include hostile areas
Must be able to obtain and maintain a US Secret Security Clearance prior to start
Must be able to work 60 hours per week.

Desired Skills:
  • Completion of the U.S. Army (89D MOS) EOD Team Leader Certification program or service equivalent.
  • Completion of Explosive Ordnance Clearance Agent (EOCA)
  • Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Leadership Course – (R2C2-L)
  • Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Operator Course – (R2C2-O)
  • Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Course – Sapper (R2C2-S)
  • Area Clearance Course (ACC)
  • Recent experience, within last 12 months (Afghanistan preferred) training local nationals
  • Experience working on a staff with CIED or EOD task force divisions.
  • Involvement with ANDSF forces on deployed operations
  • Involvement with training Afghanistan military forces
  • A thorough understanding of US and coalition military organizations, roles and missions
  • Combat experience with any of the following; EOD, Counter-IED, or Route Clearance
  • Curriculum development experience, specifically in continual improvement efforts.
  • Incorporation of Lessons Learned and TTP’s
  • Experience working with IED-D TADSS, and a practical working knowledge of IED-D and Counter IED organization and doctrine is preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and work in Muslim culture
    Required Education:
    Bachelor’s degree in an applicable field.  May consider an additional 8 years of experience in lieu of educational requirements.

How to Apply