Mobile Security Operations Manager , Iraq

Olive Group
Location: Iraq
Mobile Security Operations Manager - OCONUS
Job Code HC/JC/557/2015

Position Summary: 
The purpose of Mobile Security Operations Manager is coordination and management of Contractor’s personnel. Improving the efficiency of Contractor’s personnel. Mobile Security Operations Manager shall organize and control all mobile security tasks.

· Manages the day-to-day output and standards of security quality required.
· Creates all Contractor’s work reports on a regular basis.
· Completes Management Forms supplied by Company prior to every movement.
· Provides tasking, tracking and monitoring mobile security.
· Coordinates mobile security teams.
· Provides timely reporting of incidents (verbal and written) including all weapon firing reports.
· Maintains accurate records.
· Provides briefing and debriefing security personnel.
· Provides tasking and management of the security personnel and the quality control of the their tasks.

Job Requirements:
Minimum Experience:

· Over 5 years of experience in managerial positions.
· Over 10 years of military, police, security experience.
· Over 5 years of security experience in Iraq.
· Good knowledge and skills with MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access and Internet Explorer and Track 24 System.
· Recognized formal training from a substantiated external training provider in Close Protection and formally certified as a Close Protection Frontline Operative.

Minimum Language Requirements:
· Fluent English.
· Intermediate Russian.
· Elementary Arabic.
How To Apply