Emergency Response Team Member

Employer: AS Solutions
Location: Washington, DC

ID: 6011667
Department: Executive Protection
Salary: $90,000+ DOE

Job Summary
The primary role is to support the protection efforts of the client site security team. The emergency response team member will be the primary asset on site for all emergencies.

Minimum qualifications
Must be at least 21 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent
Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the Military or Law Enforcement, with proven combat and force continuum experience
Must have a valid driver’s license
Must be able to legally possess a firearm
Must possess an Armed Security Guard License for Washington, DC
Must be able to successfully pass the AS Solution quarterly pistol qualification(s)
Must successfully pass the American Red Cross Standard 1st Aid, CPR, AED certification, and annual qualification(s)
Must be capable of possessing a current passport upon hiring
Must be physically fit
Ability to attend weekly and annual training to include defensive tactics, firearms, medical, and individual / team skills
Computer literate in Excel, Word, Outlook and other database systems
Must be able and willing to maintain strict confidentiality
Must be able to communicate effectively with co-workers, clients, management personnel, and others, both orally and in writing
Prepare written factual reports of incidents in the proper format and with correct grammar and spelling
Must be able to deal effectively with the client and client’s patrons, and respond to diverse situations, using tact and diplomacy, and remain calm in emergency situations
Assignments may fall anytime between 0001 and 2359 and occur on weekends and holidays, while acting as Duty Agent

Additional skills/training/certifications are preferred, but not required

· Direct action experience while working in US Special Operations Command
· Executive Protection School
· Foreign language skills
· Defensive tactics and / or martial arts background
· Familiar with LENEL and PPM
· Security clearance
· Excellent verbal and written communication
· Excellent social skills

Duties and Responsibilities
· Agent will provide support the Executive Security Team and site Physical Security
· Observe, report, and intervene as appropriate at posts in Executive Building(s), other buildings on in the area and / or at venues in the Wahington, DC area as assigned or directed by the Executive Security Team
· Act as an Advance Agent or Support Agent at events as assigned or directed by the Executive Security Team
· Surveillance Detection as assigned or directed by the Executive Security Team
· Operate Security “Command Center”
o Monitor CCTV
o Phone / Radio communications
o Alarm Monitoring
o Dispatch / Directing agents during emergency situations
o Verbal Communications with Executives and Assistants
o Coordinating with local Police, EMS, Fire and EP units
· Employ the legal use through the designated force continuum
· Evacuating designates during an emergency situation
· Confront and manage risk situations, to include directing others and interfacing with potentially hostile and / or disturbed individuals
· Coordinate with other providers, vendors, and personnel in order to support global EP operations
· Provide first-responder emergency assistance to designated executive

Compensation: $90,000+ DOE Plus Benefits