Executive Protection Security Director

Employer: UPS
Location: Atlanta Georgia

Job Summary

The Executive Protection Security Director is responsible for the executive protection of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and management committee members and for corporate office security. He/She plans and coordinates executive meetings and events, assesses potential threats that may disrupt events and executives, and ensures meetings and events are secure and incident free. This position protects executive assets from harm and frees him/her from concern about safety and disruptions to allow for complete concentration on business matters. This position requires international and domestic travel. This position will also require a flexible schedule.

The Executive Protection Security Director accompanies the CEO when traveling to ensure the CEO's security. He/She collaborates with event and meeting hosts and local law enforcement to develop effective security plans and coordinate additional protective resources. This position arrives ahead of board meeting attendees and remains throughout to secure meetings. The Executive Protection Security Director attends events that will be attended by executive management and provides 24-hour coverage to secure events and attendees. He/She analyzes executives' potential exposure to various threats to determine security requirements and to ensure a safe and threat-free environment.

Other Duties
Implements security preventative measures to ensure the safety of employees, consultants, vendors, and visitors.
Oversees investigations to determine the facts and to ensure corrective actions are taken.
Maintains contacts with various law enforcement agencies and professional organizations to remain current on activities in the community and the world posing potential threats.
Represents Security Services in the Threat Response Team on crisis management and workplace violence to resolve issues and develop protocols.
Obtains itineraries from departments hosting executive events to become familiar with activities and locations and to assist in planning the CEO movements and activities.
Plans Board of Director and Shareowner meeting logistics and security to ensure meetings run smoothly and safely.

Preferred Competencies
Risk Management: Identifies and evaluates risks; determines and applies appropriate risk treatment(s).
Detail Orientation: Develops plans that balance details and the “big picture”; adapts the level of detail required for a given audience and the purpose; completes work with thoroughness; maintains records and information in an organized manner; audits available information for inconsistencies; maintains documentation that support the completion of work and retention of details/decisions.
Multicultural Agility: Routinely addresses problems involving global business needs; applies cultural sensitivity when making decisions on business issues; recommends changes in the way business is conducted in different countries or geographical regions; recognizes and pursues opportunities for advanced cultural awareness.
Solicits and Gathers Information: Uses in-depth techniques to uncover new information or details that are not readily available; selects techniques and strategies that are appropriate for the audience; chooses techniques that result in more accurate and thorough information; implements strategies that minimize biases and preconceived ideas.

Minimum Qualifiers
Juris Doctorate-Preferred
Experience conducting protective advances in foreign countries-Preferred
Experience interacting with domestic and international law enforcement agencies-Preferred
Experience leading others in case management-Preferred
Experience leading others in investigations-Preferred

UPS is an equal opportunity employer - race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/sexual orientation/gender identity