Global Head of Security

Salary: Undisclosed

Job description: 
Global Head of Security Public Company in Manhattan this is not a sponsored role so USA passport holders only to apply, excellent package.

Responsible for managing security personnel, including hiring, directing, evaluating, training and mentoring of security team members
Establishes and manages budgets and financial resources effectively and efficiently

Physical Security
Manages the development, implementation, and continuous refinement of physical security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security protocols
Ensures compliance to the above on an ongoing basis through regular assessments and audits
Maintains relationships with state, local, federal and international law enforcement and other public agencies Advises senior leaders on pertinent issues gleaned from these relationships
Works closely with other functional leaders and contractors regarding the interaction of security and facilities issues

Information Security/Cyber Security
Works closely with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the Information Technology departments to support the overall security of the companys computer systems and data. Partners with cyber law enforcement agencies to gather, report or escalate appropriate intelligence to protect employees, assets and the companys reputation.

Risk Intelligence
Oversees intelligence gathering as it relates to understanding, identifying and addressing any threats against the company
Establishes and maintains intelligence networks and relationships globally with local, state and federal law enforcement and other related government/intelligence agencies
Provides subject matter expertise on information and physical security issues to senior management for the benefit of all operations

Crisis Management/Business Continuity
Leads the companys crisis management efforts, including crisis planning and crisis response
Works to establish a culture of security awareness and prevent security incidents
Plays a central role in the development and updating of the companys business continuity and business recovery plan
Conducts training, drills, and ongoing assessments of policies and protocols
Works closely with local law enforcement, emergency personnel, and other public agencies and informs them of plans and issues

Executive Protection and Travel Risk
Oversees the Executive Protection and Travel Risk programs
Oversees the provision of executive protection coverage for senior leadership on an ongoing basis and while traveling on business
Oversees security coverage for major events
Develops and oversees a program to address travel risk issues and track employee travel worldwide

Investigation Services
Directs and maintains involvement in all major internal and external investigations including, but not limited to, information and physical security related matters. This includes data issues, crimes against persons, threats, illegal acts and property crimes.
Oversees background investigations of individuals applying for employment and others who seek a business relationship
Partners with Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, IT and other Directors, as needed, to conduct investigations

The Global Head of Security will oversee and coordinate information and physical security efforts across the company and is responsible for establishing and managing a comprehensive and proactive security program that employs a risk-based approach to the protection of employees, assets, and the companys reputation.

The incumbent will be responsible for securing vital and proprietary information and systems, crisis management and business recovery, and identifying threats and security issues relevant to the company, as well as the protection of individuals traveling on business for the company. The Global Head of Security will be the companys senior-most security expert and provide advice and counsel to senior leadership.

Candidate profile: Experience & Skills

Bachelors degree plus 15 years of relevant law enforcement, public sector, private sector or corporate experience with at least three years of program management experience.
Knowledge of physical security issues.
Knowledge of proper investigative methodologies and management of investigative services.
Ability to forecast and develop budgets and manage internal and external resources.
High level management, communication, and problem solving capabilities.

Decision Making & Problem Solving:
Makes decisions about security policies, programs and practices.
Makes decisions and/or recommendations about resolutions of investigations.
Makes decisions regarding personnel issues for department.

How To Apply:
To Apply for this Vacancy send your CV to