Security Close Protection Officer for Corporate Executive , London,

Employer: AG Industries 
Location: London, SW1

We have a job opening for an additional Personal Security and Protocol Officer for our Group Chairman and his family. You will be reporting directly to the Chairman at his residence in Knightsbridge , London.

This is an on-call job for £12 per hour and the work hours can vary from week to week. A guaranteed minimum weekly retainer of £120 will be paid even if the work hours per week are less. You will be expected to remain available to report for work 7 days a week, within 90 minutes of being called if necessary however you will mostly be given your reporting time the previous day.

The ideal individual will be someone who:
Is physically fit with a minimum height of 6 feet (1.83 metres)
Has some for of military or civilian law enforcement (police) background.
Holds an SIA License.
Has the experience and confidence of driving prestige vehicles, as you could be required to drive the Chairman's Bentley or Rolls Royce.
Is currently working somewhere that he can continue to pursue alongside working for the Chairman without compromising the ability to report for work within 90 minutes of being called.

Your duties will include:
Following due protocol to ensure the Chairman and family’s security as required.
Making reservations and appointments on the Chairman’s behalf.
Driving the Chairman, family and/or anyone else in the allocated car(s) if necessary or directed by the Chairman along with other ad hoc errands as necessary.
Maintaining the allocated car(s), if any, to a clean and professional standard.
Conducting basic car maintenance on your allocated cars, if any, as necessary and consistent with your abilities.
Keeping a record the MOT and Tax status of your allocated cars, if any, and timely informing the Chairman's Chief of Staff beforehand when either is due for renewal.
Observing due professional courtesy and maintaining a professional demeanor, including wearing a black suit and tie, black shirt and formal black shoes (along with a black coat if necessary) to work.
Any such additional or alternative duties as are reasonably consistent with the your role and abilities.

To be eligible for this role the following skills, experience and qualifications are required:
Clean full UK drivers licence at least 5 years old with no insurance claims in the last 5 years.
Ability to report for duty on call at Knightsbridge on a 90 minutes notice.
Ability to be flexible with working hours, as you may need to work late into the evenings and weekends.
Sound knowledge of Central London and surrounding areas.
Previous experience of working as a security officer or background in the armed forces or the police.
Very well presented, with excellent time keeping and the ability to be highly confidential at all times.
Ability to plan travel routes to minimise delays, such as accidents and planned road works.

For further information, please contact the Chairman's Chief of Staff Mr. A. Morris.

Required experience:
armed forces or Police: 1 year

Required licence or certification:
SIA Licence + Full UK Driving Licence since 5 years + No car insurance claims in last 5 years

Required language:
English without a foreign accent

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