22 Mar 2016

Security Project Manager, Iraq

Location: Iraq

Line Manager
Managing Director - International Operations / Country Director - Iraq

Duty Statement
The Security Project Manager (SPM) is responsible for the day to day management, planning, command and control, execution and delivery of security services to the client. The SPM will work intimately with the OPSM, Embassy Regional Security Adviser (RSA), Threat Analysis Section, and the logistics team in order to achieve a seamless delivery of security services to the client. It is expected the SPM will communicate on an executive level. The SPM is responsible to Iraq and Dubai management for contract compliance and delivery, and the delivery of budget performance.

Fulfil the position of Emergency Coordinator in the absence of the RSA.

Plan and identify risks and opportunities to maintain optimum revenue stream from the contract.

Maintain an overview and instigate improvements to all aspects of the contract from HR, manning, personnel development, intelligence, PSD and IBG operations, logistics, travel and movement, communications, equipment capability development and training.

Maintain Unity’s good reputation with the client and external agencies; particularly GOI authorities.

Deliver all aspects of a diplomatic security and life support contract for our client in Baghdad, ensuring contract compliance IAW Master Services Agreement and subsequent Work Orders. Execute the Regional Security Advisor’s (RSA) security policies.

Continuous risks analysis of areas of operation, venues and transit routes.

Development and implementation of mitigation measures and review of Standard Operating Procedures in line with Risks Analyses.

Development of contingency plans and procedures.

Member of Security Management Team.

Command, manage and supervise a team of 128 personnel.

Manage and oversee a multi million dollar armoured vehicle fleet and associated staff.

Manage a significant annual operating budget.

In conjunction with client and contract intelligence analysts, set collection priorities for reconnaissance and liaison assets.

Supervise and authorize recruitment, payroll and procurement.

Maintain current operational situation 24/7.

Conduct immediate risk assessment and instigate initial response to security or safety related incidents involving client personnel, PSD or static security teams.

Provide advice and assistance to client in formulating and implementing coordinated joint response to crisis and emergency scenarios.

Essential Qualifications & Experience
Ex-military or ex-police with an excellent record of conduct. Relevant experience in a hostile environment for a minimum of one year. No criminal record; honourable discharge. Sound knowledge and experience in the planning and conduct of security operations, including static guarding, personal security and close personal protection in a hostile environment. Experience working as a security project manager or similar for a minimum of one year. Minimum 15 years military and/or security related experience, preferably officer trained Proven management and business systems experience in similar type role. Proven level of advanced operational and logistics planning skills. Demonstrated interpersonal communications skills. Highly developed IT skills for database management, and preparation of reports and presentations.

Desirable Qualifications & Experience
Previous experience in Iraq in a similar role. Ability to communicate in Arabic. Completed a recognised Close Protection / Protective Security Detail course. Certificate IV in Security & Risk Management. Certificate IV in OH&S. Recognised Project Management qualification. Holds a current drivers licence and International Driving Permit. Military, Police or civilian range Officer-in-Charge qualification.

Nationality Requirement

Australian preferred; UK, NZ, US permitted.

Security Clearance Requirement

Must hold an Australian Government Negative Vetted Level 1 clearance (equivalent to ADF SECRET clearance)

How To Apply:
Send your CV to: xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.com