Campus Security Director

Employer: CUNY Kingsborough Community College
Location: USA
Campus Security Director (Level 4)
General Duties
Reporting to the President of the College or to a designated senior official of the College, the incumbent has the widest latitude for insuring the safety and security of the campus, college property, faculty, staff, students, and members of the community who enter the college campus.

This position is charged with directing the work of campus peace officers and other security personnel in a manner consistent with the environment of the college and University; the incumbent is charged with enforcing all college and University security policies.

With respect to the implementation of University-wide policies, this position receives consultative guidance from the University Security Office regarding University security policies similar to the guidance provided by other central office audit and control functions to other college activities.

General Work Tasks
Manages and directs all college security activities; manages college special events and develops service contact specifications in accordance with college needs, and in consultation with the University Security Office, as appropriate.
Plans, administers and directs the overall management of the college security function: preparing the activity budget, ascertaining staffing level needs and deploying staff accordingly, determining appropriate use of overtime service, identifying suitable resource utilization, etc.
Prepares comprehensive security operations plans; manages ongoing assessments of the status of the college's entire campus security program.
Directs the overall field operations and administrative duties of all college security staff. Determines delegations of supervisory responsibilities, e.g., merit recognition and administration of disciplinary processes.
Maintains and updates Emergency Management Plans in accordance with University and college specific guidelines.
Ensures compliance with the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA).
Prepares and distributes information in accordance with Clery Act Guidelines.
Records and compiles criminal and security incident statistics.
Maintains the University-wide reports system at the college. Provides daily incident reports to the University Director of Public Safety.
Supervises security management personnel; directs the performance evaluation of all security on campus, using University-established standards and forms.
Makes campus security resource allocation decisions in accordance with presidential directives for campus security.
Directs the investigation of criminal and/or violent incidents occurring on campus.
Assures the day-to-day training, instruction, and orientation of college security staff. Oversees the University Public Safety Training Officer in the development of in-service training programs on campus. Provides on-site input for proposed centralized training programs.
Is responsible for ensuring the College President's directives regarding University and campus security are adhered to, including but not limited to special security projects, initiatives, and programs.
Establishes and maintains a working relationship with New York City Police Department precinct commanding officers; coordinates campus security with outside law enforcement activities when a college event requires a joint enforcement effort.
When appropriate, requests New York City Police assistance on campus pursuant to established protocol.
Oversees immediate mandatory drug testing of security staff in accordance with established "Reasonable Suspicion" policy guidelines.
Assures that crime prevention information is made available to the college community, including immediate crime advisories when necessary.
Ensures that community policing standards are maintained on campus.
Provides practical leadership in informing college constituencies of the customer service philosophy of the University Office of Public Safety.
Coordinates with other college administrative officers to assure that the college plan is adhered to for securing persons and property and for preventing fire and crime.
Assesses college needs with regard to security communications technology; obtaining, providing, and maintaining security equipment, vehicles, and facilities in consultation with the University Public Safety Office.
Ensures that security officers are inspected (uniforms, grooming, firearms, batons and other equipment) on a daily, tour-by-tour basis prior to patrol commencement (roll calls).
In cooperation with the College Environmental Health and Safety Officer, plays an active role in ensuring that environmental health and safety standards are being adhered to; may serve as the College Environmental Health and Safety Officer.
Provides information and/or testimony relevant to incidents arising at the college.
Prepares specifications for contract security services when necessary (e.g., special events), for review and approval by the College President and by the University Public Safety Office, if applicable.
Identifies campus crime trends based on statistical data.
Establishes specialized patrols to address the particular needs of the college (e.g., vertical patrols, bicycle patrols, etc.).
Directs, recruits and selects a workforce that reflects the diversity of the University community and ensures a work environment respectful of differences.
Assists the College Director of Human Resources in administering recruitment and selection procedures for security staff.

Reporting to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, this position is responsible for managing security operations and personnel on a large 72 acre open-access college campus. The Campus Security Director is responsible for the implementation of Federal and State regulations, including but not limited to NYS Enough is Enough legislation, Title VII, the Violence Against Women Act of 2013 (VAWA), and the Cleary Act. Serves as an integral member of the Assessment and Care Team (ACT), and the Title lX Committee. Serves as Co-Chair of the Workplace Violence Team. Serves as primary contact with the Office of Emergency Management. Coordinates the campus emergency management response and related functions during natural and/or man-made disasters. Coordinates active shooter and other campus safety presentations and drills. Consults regularly with and offers counsel to the College Attorney, as well as the Executive Director of Human Resources, the Chief Diversity Officer, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and other campus leaders on matters affecting the security of the campus community.


A baccalaureate degree and six (6) years of related security experience or equivalent military experience, including at least three (3) years of managerial and supervisory experience; OR
A baccalaureate degree in a closely related field of study such as Criminal Justice, Police Science, and Industrial Security and four (4) years of related security experience or equivalent military experience, including at least three (3) years of managerial and supervisory experience; AND
A driver's license valid in New York State.

Substitutions Permitted:

A substitution will be permitted for two (2) of the three (3) years of the related managerial experience described in items #1 and 2 above by submitting documentation of completion of one of the following:
American Society for Industrial Security, Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Certificate program, or
Professional law enforcement police executive training program such as the FBI academy, the Northwestern University Traffic Institute (long course), the Police Executive Research Forum (Senior Management Institute) at the Institute for Police, or any other nationally accredited certificate program in law enforcement administration.

NOTE: This position is subject to a satisfactory background investigation by the University Office of Public Safety, which may include, but is not limited to, criminal history review, drug test, credit checks, driving record review, work history verification, reference checks, etc. This position is subject to random drug testing, as well as re-fingerprinting and reinvestigation every five years.

FURTHER NOTE: A person appointed to this position may be required to participate in training as designated by the College President and University Public Safety Director.

Experience and understanding of community policing in a higher education environment.
Experience managing security associated with various venues open to the public.
Strong leadership, organizational, analytical planning and problem solving skills.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
Ability to develop and maintain strong collaborative working relationships with other campus agencies as well as outside agencies, i.e., NYPD, FDNY, etc.

Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

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May 1, 2016