Close Protection Team Member

Location: Global

Job Description

Providing close protection to a client entails but not limited to providing protection for the client during restaurant meets, black tie events, resident meetings, office meetings, sporting events and at shopping malls. You will conduct advances and sight surveys of new venues all the while working on your own. This is not the type of protection detail you apply for if you’re looking for high speed low drag, wearing a multi-cam uniform. Most common type of dress worn will be Kaki pants, polo’s, a suit or button down shirt.

This position is based solely off of customer service and respect to the client and their needs. You might be required to go for walks with the client while carrying on an educated conversation or talking on the phone for a few minutes. This is a very low profile detail, protecting affluent individuals or families.

Job Requirement
Working in 8-10 hour shifts
When the client departs the property while you’re on post, you will be responsible for transporting the client to and from venue.
A majority of the time you will be working on your own as a one man protection detail/driver.
Load, lift and or carry luggage for the client.
Keeping a Shift Report in regards to movements
Conducting patrol every 1-2 hours around the clients property

Shift work

Work holidays, nights and weekends

Required to carry a firearm concealed or in the open (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)

Basic Qualifications

Served in US or Foreign Military Special Operations Unit, Military Police, Intelligence or Government Close Protection Unit.
Attended and passed a US or Foreign Government or Military Close Protection Course
Ability to meet travel requirements
In possession of a Passport
Leadership and management skills
Team player but also an independent thinker
Organized and able to multi task
Strong verbal, written and presentation skills
Have excellent Customer Service skills
1 year experience operating in a high profile close protection detail
1 year experience operating on a Quick Reaction Force
Able to obtain and armed guard card
Able to obtain an un-armed guard card
Computer illiterate (Excel, Word, and Power Point).

There may be additional duties required that’s not written in the job description

How To Apply:
Please send your Cover Sheet and Resume to the email address  .In the title of the email be sure to name what position you are applying for.

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