Employer: GardaWorld
Location: Iraq
Start 11th October 2016 (59862)
Closing: 16 Aug 2016

Hiring Criteria 

SIA Licence required
Security Operator Experience in Iraq as well as other high risk environments.
Military or police service
Proven records of senior position held in military structure as evidence of his ability and command & control skills
All European Nationalities are considered, other nationalities are subject to company approval
No records of civil or military disciplinary actions.
English proficiency (written and oral) Russian language speakers would be advantageous.
Iraq experience is a key requirement. Should have a wide knowledge of Iraq, especially in the project area (Central and Southern Iraq).
Possess records of being contracted on similar projects (Gas and Oil industry) within Iraq.
First –aid qualifications
Proficient with the M4/AK47, various 9mm side-arms also GPS and tracking systems.
Capable to work independently and as a part of a multinational team including local nationals and expatriates.
Fit and in excellent health.

Job Duties 

Conduct duties as Deputy Team Leader, Operator (Vehicle commander) of Mobile Security Team. Protect clients, company employees and assets within leaving and working premises also during mobile security missions outside of secured areas.
Assist the Team Leader to maintain operational oversight and control and delivery of monthly training to the team.
Assist the Team Leader to maintain control over company assets including vehicles, weapons and other sensitive equipment.
Produce security briefings to team members and clients
Comply with company and clients policies and regulations.
Produce clear written and verbal reports
Remain patient and flexible at all times to the client’s needs without compromising safety.

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