Protection Security Detail (PSD) Team Leader

Employer: G4S
Location: Iraq

Job Reference: G4S/TP/2237101/70853
Number of Positions: 20
Salary: $50000 - $50000
Closing Date: August 31, 2016

Package Description: Salary: $50,000 per annum Location: Southern Iraq, Various Rotation: 8 weeks on / 4 weeks off (inclusive of travel days) Length of Contract: 12 month Service Agreement (renewable) Start Date: TBC Other: All flights, visas, medical insurances, accommodation and meals in country provided.

Job Introduction:

The Protection Security Detail (PSD) Team Leader (TL) will command High and Low Profile PSD missions throughout the area of operations, in IRAQ. The TL will be responsible for the smooth running of the PSD by applying sound leadership principles and judgement at all times.

The role requires individuals who are suitably experienced and qualified. They must be able to follow instructions clearly but also able to make command decisions on the spot in order to achieve the aims of the organisation. This is an armed role.

Role Responsibility:

Key Responsibilities

The routine tasks and responsibilities are as given below, though these may be adjusted from time to time on instruction from the project management.
Operational delivery.
Task planning and preparation: with due regard for the character and level of threat conveyed by the most recent risk assessment.
Briefings: of assigned Company and Client personnel prior to conducting tasks and whenever requested.
Mission paperwork: producing and submitting such reports and returns as required and risk assessments
Flap Sheet: Responsible for the production of the Flap Sheet prior to any task/mission.
Task delivery: managing the conduct of all phases of the assigned mission/task.
Incident management: in response to accident or incident including post-incident reports, recommendations and lessons learned.
Report writing: Drafting and submitting post mission, post incident and incident reports in accordance with standard company polices.
Discipline: the performance of assigned personnel to prescribed standards and reporting of poor performance or misdemeanour to the Project Manager.
Personal Protection Drills: tactical drills in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.
Conduct training. Maintain training records and returns
Responsible for vehicle maintenance schedules.
Responsible for compilation and accuracy of G4S reports and audit returns.
Operational Liaison: communicating with and providing interface between Company operations managers, clients, and local government agencies as required.
Law enforcement liaison: with such police, military and other agencies as the team may encounter at the tactical level, ensuring at all times and under all circumstances, that due courtesy is afforded them and effective and cooperative relations maintained.
Direct Implementation of Communications Plans: Responsible for implementing the communications plan and ensuring all team members are aware of the plan.

Client Relations
Client liaison: engaging routinely with Client, professionally, politely and appropriately.
Task briefing: prior to mission/task departure, covering route selection and timings.
Manning sheets: their completion and submission, weekly and monthly, for sign off by the Client.

Manning: ensuring the operations and admin office is informed of leavers, joiners and potential departures and any other relevant personnel information.
Leave: managing leave plots to ensure full service delivery.

Records: maintaining training records in accordance with Company and project requirements.
Discipline: ensuring that poor performance and ill-discipline are dealt with promptly and in accordance with the disciplinary procedures contained within Company Code of Conduct (for Field Operatives). Harmony: addressing issues in a humane, fair and transparent manner leaving no friction unattended to nor any issue unresolved, or reporting these upwards for assistance in their resolution.

Compliance: absolute familiarity with Company Standard Operating Procedures and the legal / operational parameters in which the team operates.
Team Training: regular training and maintains currency in Tactics Techniques Procedures (“TTP”), Actions On (Response to Incidents) and project specific training.
Individual Training: ensures that assigned personnel receive the training mandated by the relevant Training Manager.
Mentoring: training and encouraging Iraqi Nationals to reach the highest standards of individual skill and team work as part of a company-wide initiative to advance nationalisation.
Weapons: ensuring that persons are proficient with their weapons and intimately conversant with Rules for Use of Force.
Communications: ensuring assigned personnel can operate and maintain communications systems.
Transportation: ensuring assigned personnel are proficient in the use and maintenance of their vehicles and conversant with road safety standards and applicable law; at all times to ensure that vehicles are operated in accordance with Company policies and procedures.

Compliance with health & safety standards consistent with the requirement for assigned personnel to follow such procedures and regulations as may be laid down by Company, its client or the host state including:
Vehicle inspections, training and use
Firearms inspections, training and use
Fire response drills
Company Life Saving Rules
Prohibition of the abuse of alcohol and narcotics or intoxicating substances.
Compliance with Rules for Use of Force (RUF), Graduated and proportional force response (GFR) and the laws of armed conflict consistent with the requirement for personnel to be intimately familiar with procedures and regulations laid down by the Company in conjunction with the client, host state or international laws.
Compliance with rules requiring personnel to reject bribery and corruption laid down by the Company, its client, host state or international Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers, 2010 (ICoC) and associated standards to which Company subscribes:
Company Code of Conduct that lays out key compliance criteria for personnel during their service with the Company and the active promotion of best practice in respect of the following processes;
Disciplinary Action
Appeals and Grievance

Float: managing and accounting for the team cash float.
Expenditure: accounting for cash use and the retention and subsequent submission of receipts.
Personnel Report: submitting the report in the required format and timeframe.
Pay: managing and recording Iraqi National payroll and time-sheet

The Ideal Candidate:
Standard of English Language:
Functional written and oral English Skills
Proven Computer Literacy (Word, Excel, PPT)

Military / Armed Police Experience:
Minimum of 5 years full time service
Must have left armed forces with good conduct

Operational Tours:
At least one 6 month tour

Other Experience:

At least 1 year of commercial Iraq PSC experience in PSD TL or DTL role or recent (within two years) operational leadership experience at at least Section level in Combat / Combat Support arms unit (Infantry, Armour, Artillery, Engineers, Para, SF or Military Police)
Proven Command Experience
Recognised Medical Qual (Preferred)
JNCO Course / Level III Instructor
Clean Driving Licence
Recognised CP Course Qualification

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