Mobile Security Specialist/Executive Driver

Location: Deerfield, IL USA

Job Summary

Responsible for effectively operating a corporate vehicle and transporting passengers to and from destinations in a comfortable, safe and efficient manner.   Abides by all traffic laws and regulations, adheres to security protection protocol and performs security protection services as dictated by the nature of the assignment and Asset Protection Solutions practices. Maintains situational awareness during engagements in order to mitigate circumstances that could place the principle and/or the Company in an unfavorable situation; this includes, but is not limited to, conducting site advance assessments and developing contingencies to minimize unfavorable circumstances. Assists with Support Center safety and asset protection duties, as needed.

Job Responsibilities

Performs basic Support Center security functions including, but not limited to, perimeter and access control, identification procedures, command post operations, patrolling, secure assets/property and post standing duties.
Evaluates venues on an ad hoc basis and identifies where security services are necessary. Conducts risk/threat vulnerability studies and impact assessment and applies to immediate situations
Assists or manages proper maintenance of company vehicles (exterior/interior) directly or indirectly through a third party service company.  Maintains accurate records of completed and scheduled vehicle maintenance.  Prepares routes, alternative routes, and relevant contact information in advance.
Keeps executives from harm and on schedule. Provides logistical support in regards to security for the executive and ensures all security procedures are being followed. Coordinates all movements and logistics to support the client’s itinerary and re-routes to mitigate risk as necessary. Identifies security and safety risks that may indirectly or directly affect the well-being of passengers. Communicates concerns/plans to executives in timely and concise manner. Flexible to wait for passengers as situation dictates.
Proactively reviews overall information to ensure the safety of the executive including, but not limited to, sweeps, research, and the collection of applicable information and intelligence, counter-surveillance, as required.
Prepares timely and detailed reports on all assignments. Reports any information that appears to be contrary to the best interest of the Company despite such information may not be directly related to Asset Protection matters.
Recommends improvements to processes and more efficient/effective ways to protect executives in the enterprise.
Utilizes strong interpersonal skills and professional communication with administrative support team and senior leadership in order to fully understand their needs, varied responsibilities, and recognize the importance of maintaining confidentiality of schedules, destinations, and conversations.
Maintains an awareness of developments in the security industry that relate to role responsibilities/functions, and integrates them into own practices.  Maintains a professional image at all times consistent to Company, and Asset Protection standards.


Basic Qualifications

High School Diploma/GED and at least 5 years of experience as a corporate executive vehicle driver AND/OR in a security/asset protection role
Experience providing customer service to internal and external customers, including meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction
Experience developing ways of accomplishing goals with little or no supervision
Experience handling confidential information
Willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and an insider trading policy acknowledgement
Must possess an active and valid state driver’s license
Willing and able to obtain a commercial driver’s license
Willing and able to complete advanced driving course (for example: VEHICLE DYNAMICS INSTITUTE) and pass course exam.
Willing and able to stand, sit and drive for at least 8 hours and comply with business attire dress code.
Willing to be trained in First Aid and AED operation
Willing and able to work outside of normal business hours including being on call 24 hours / 7 days a week.
Experience using a smart phone
Basic level skill in Microsoft Word (for example:  opening a document, cutting, pasting and aligning text, selecting font type and size, changing margins and column width, sorting, inserting bullets, pictures and dates, using find and replace, undo, spell check, track changes, review pane and/or print functions).
Basic level skill in Microsoft Excel (for example: opening a workbook, inserting a row, selecting font style and size, formatting cells as currency, using copy, paste and save functions, aligning text, selecting cells, renaming a worksheet, inserting a column, selecting a chart style, inserting a worksheet, setting margins, selecting page orientation, using spell check and/or printing worksheets).
Willing to travel at least 10% of the time for business purposes

Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree
Experience as a corporate executive vehicle driver
Experience with security systems
Training in the field of security

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