Close Protection Operative , Europe

Location: London, United Kingdom, Europe.
£51,000 - £55,000 PER ANNUM

Close Protection Operative including Security driving and residential security. The position is predominantly based in the Oxfordshire area with frequent travel to London. Overseas travel will be during set periods of the year.

Main tasks and responsibilities:
Provide close protection services to the client’s child.
Ensure safe and secure transportation of the client on an “as required” basis.
Perform security reconnaissance of all business and event locations to be visited by the client, ensuring the personal protection and safety of the client.
Provide Close Protection on family outings throughout the UK. Overseas travel will be on a rotation basis, living with the clients, providing residential security and assisting the principal as directed.
Provide on-site security of properties to include the supervision of on-site contractors, Key holding, and alarm response.

Required skills/qualifications:
Minimum of 5 Years military Experience
Valid UK driving licence and Passport
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Ability to work as part of a team or as an individual
Excellent organisational skills and an ability to adapt to constantly changing needs
Professionalism, confidentiality and situational sensitivity is a must

Preferable Skills/Qualifications:
Working knowledge of Oxfordshire and London.
Close protection experience (supported by course qualification)
Working experience in a similar role

Salary will be £51,000 p.a. through the probation period. After the probation period the salary will be £55,000 per annum with 6 weeks paid holiday. UK rotation will vary between 6-8 days on and 2 days off. There are team/individual performance related bonuses. Full package details will be discussed at interview.

How To Apply;

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Email available to paid up Members ONLY