27 Nov 2017

Close Protection Officer

Location: Global

As Close Protection Officer (CPO) you will be responsible for risk management, security planning as well as management and implementation of all security related activities within your assigned project. On daily basis this could mean assessing and minimising risks, planning routes, checking vehicles, venues and grounds, keeping watch and being alert to danger as well as dealing with conflict.

You will be working in a team environment where you are expected to display excellent interpersonal skills where personal integrity is all-important, and you will place the very highest importance on safety – for your clients, for your colleagues and for yourself. Providing exceptional customer service is also key to success and you know how to interact with people from various backgrounds and always hold high ethical standards.
Minimum of five (5) years relevant work experience from military and/or law enforcement
Minimum 25 years
SIA license or equivalent
Registered nurse or paramedic is meriting
Clean criminal background check
Valid psychology screening and suitability test to carry weapons in duty
Fluency in written and spoken English

Please note that currently the majority of our international projects require Swedish citizenship. For short term assignments Swedish citizenship is a must.

How To Apply:
Submit your CV and cover letter. to: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com

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