24 Jan 2018

PSS/Interpreter (PSS/IT) (P) - Iraq

Employer: SOC    
Location: Iraq

SOC is a trusted global provider of mission solutions with a history of assuring safe and effective operations for U.S. Government and commercial customers. SOC provides a guarantee of discrete and effective service so that customers can do their best work. We employ over 5,000 professionals engaged in the delivery of mission critical safeguards and security, facility management and operations, engineering, explosive ordnance storage and disposal, and international logistics and life support services. Our customers include the U.S. Departments of State, Energy, and Defense, Fortune 500 companies, and non-governmental organizations.*This position is for Baghdad, Iraq*


Perform day-to-day personal protective security functions.
Performs interpreter/translator duties as required.
Drive the lead vehicle, principal’s vehicle, follow-vehicle, and/or acting as response agent whenever required in motorcade or similar operations.
Maintains assigned protective formation position during principal’s walking movements.
Participates in advance security preparations.
Mans the security post at the principal’s residence or mans the command post, or other static post as required.


Must be a US citizen.
A minimum of level three (3) proficiency in Arabic.
Must possess a minimum of three (3) years of applicable experience.
A minimum of one (1) year of this experience must include experience in protective security assignments.
Experience may be gained in the employ of any national, state, provincial, local, or commercial entities providing armed high threat protective services.