4 Mar 2018


Location: Basra, Iraq
Req Id:  78901 

BASRA,(Location to be determined at future point)
Start Date: ASAP Upon receipt of visa (Apply for LOI asap ) 

We now invite applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates to apply for PSD roles predicted on a range of  licensed projects across Basra - available to deploy immediately upon receipt of visa
Subject to successful completion of all documentation and medical checks /confirmation

Hiring Criteria
* Military experience obligatory minimum of 5 years
* Completed a recognised Close Protection Course
* Private Security Company experience desirable, especially as Operator / Medic.
* Previous experience in Oil and Gas industry desirable.
* Previous hostile experience in the Middle East of at least 2 years .
* Good standard of written and verbal skills required.
* Computer literacy advantageous.
* Certification and experience in Basic Life Support essential (FPOSi Course)
* Certification and experience in Basic Life Support Resuscitation essential.
* Previous experience in clinical care experience desirable but not essential.
* Medical training role qualifications desirable.
* Good inter-personal skills, both with Project, Client & external personnel.
* Age not prescriptive, but candidate will need the experience referred to above.
* Be in possession of a current driving licence.
* Must be able to work productively under pressure.
* Will need to demonstrate flexibility.
* Be in possession of a clean police criminal records check.
* Must be physically fit to operate in extreme weather and arduous conditions
* In date SIA licence (for UK expats and countries that offer international equivalent)

Job Duties

SET Team Leaders are responsible for the daily management, operational training, conduct, discipline and welfare of their Iraqi and expatriate SET members, as well as for the effective planning, preparation and execution of SET operations in accordance with SOPs. SET Team Leaders are instrumental in the delivery of key services to the client. He will work directly and answer to the project Security Operations Manager (SOM).

Primary Duties
* Daily management, operational training, conduct, discipline and welfare of Iraqi and expatriate SET members.
* Leadership, to include the command, motivation and maintenance of cohesion of the team to provide excellence of security provision in line with his commander’s intent – setting the example.
* Close supervision and mentoring of all Iraqi team members.
* Responsible for fostering individual team members’ professional development.
* Contribute to long term retention of expatriate and Iraqi team members alike.
* Maintain all personal Aegis issued weaponry, equipment and clothing to highest standards possible and presentation of timely R2.
* Ensure maintenance and cleanliness of team-issued equipment, weaponry and vehicles according to Aegis regulations.
* Maintain high level of Operation Security (OPSEC) standards whilst on duty and on leave.
* Administration, to include preparation of mission paperwork, routine reports and returns, risk assessments, leave plots and equipment husbandry.
* Communications, to include the use of communications equipment, briefing skills and report-writing.

* To provide security escort and close protection of clients to and at project sites.
* Effective and sustainable planning, preparation, execution and post-mission procedures of SET operations in accordance with SOPs and SOP compliant TTPs.
* Close protection skills, to include instructional ability to train the team members in TTPs, weapons skills, driving skills and tactical situation appreciation and awareness

Secondary Duties
* The TL role will be filled by an expat TL Leave cover position in his absence.
* The TL may be called on to advise the clientmanagement and provide manpower to cover shortfalls, should he be required to do so. He is to ensure mission capability and is responsible for arranging temporary loan of assets, to include personnel and vehicles in order to maintain mission capability.
* He is to represent the intent of his commanders and the project to his subordinates and vice versa

PPO/FPOS Medic is responsible for assisting the team leader with the provision of armed security both mobile and static in order to provide the client the appropriate level of protection on all SET missions. In addition the PPO/FPOS Medic is responsible for the provision of basic life support to the client and Aegis staff; he reports directly to the SET team leader.

* Act as PPO and vehicle commander on all SET movements outside the LSC.
* Responsible for providing armed deterrent and presence at all sites visited by the SET in support of the dedicated client (s).
* Responsible for delivering the security brief to all clients on vehicular missions.
* Responsible for maintaining a high level of situational awareness on all missions.
* Responsible for check navigation as required.
* Responsible for the maintenance of all weapon systems issued.
* Act as PPO / Medic on all SET movements.
* Responsible for conducting client medical welfare checks whilst static on site.
* In conjunction with medical trainer is responsible for conducting all medical training within the SET.
* Provide support & assistance for any Medical Officer as required

Perform any other tasks and duties not mentioned above as directed by Project management.

Please note: any Information provided shall be used by AEGIS to evaluate your qualifications for engaging as a contractor.

8 weeks on and 4 off” rotation however candidates need to be flexible and will be driven by operational requirement., subject to operational requirements

Duration of Task
Open ended

Entry visa activation
The fee for stamping the multiple entry visa onto the passport upon arrival in the airport, will be borne solely by the Contractor. The approximate cost for this transaction is US$202.

How To Apply:
Send Resume/CV To : xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com

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